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Feels like there is no escape.
Dangling by a thread, my brain starved of oxygen.

In the cracks between the cracks and the separated boulder, I sank deeper. The protruding edges dig into my skin, flesh peeling off as I slid towards oblivion.

Hands pinned behind my back, I can't feel the lower part of my body. My hairs got caught by something and the slow process of ripping them off is painful.

Getting more difficult to breathe, I closed my eyes. The drowsiness overcomes me and a deep troubles slumber I embrace.

As the sun shifted positions, a shaft of light hit my eyes and a fuzzy memory emerged.

Its the snow melting season, the sun shines with greater intensity, though one still has to cover themselves with layers of clothing to withstand the cold.

With a hot cup of coffee in hand, I walked out of the cabin. A lazy plume of smoke rises from the chimney and the smell of cooked bacon diffuses through the air.

My boots crunched on the softening snow, the melted water droplets heads merrily towards the overflowed banks.

I adjusted the bag on my shoulder and settled myself into the boat. It bobbed in the water, disrupting the surface and the ripples radiate out.

Holding the oar in one hand, I slowly sailed off unsteadily into the wood.

The blossoming flower pedals occasionally scrapped against the boat. The shrieks of fowls echo in a lonely fashion between the trees, not a soul in sight to reply for the calling.

Another gulp from the cup, my body warms up. The chill air gently blowing against my face is a welcomed refresher.

Passing by more trees, I can see the view in front opening up.

A few more strides with the oar, the boat comes across the riverbank, the sun covers me in its full blast, my eyes closed.

A dry cough sends my entire body contorting in pain. Opening my eyes a crack, I am still pinned down.

Flies buzzed around my head, something is moving fast on my skin, tearing off chunks of flesh.

Breathing in as much air as possible, I closed my eyes once again. A cool jet of air sends my cloth rippling, the flies buzzed away and I hear something scurrying off.

Counting the seconds, my body begins to heat up, a fever perhaps.


The image in front of me is black and white.

My slippers struggled against the gravel road. My dim torchlight shines against the shiny backs of toads and frogs, they jump out of the way as I disturbing their unified chanting.

The night air is still, the air masses are stagnant, piling on top of each other.

Raising my head, my searching eyes find no stars, only the vague outlines of some gigantic grotesque forms looming overhead.

The air is so condensed that I can barely get any air into my lungs.

Then a flash in the sky accompanied by the reverberating roar of thunder. Then a large drop of water hit my forehead.

The air suddenly dissipates, coolness chilled by bones.

Then the bombardment of raindrops blasted me from head to toe. With a shiver, I awake once again.

The torrent of water is making the rocks pinning me more slippery, I can feel myself sliding down. A muddled burning sensation is making my head throb.

I held my breath, chest struggled, then lost consciousness again.

Chill, cold. The body is freezing.

I opened my eyes and see the snowflakes drifting down.

The white fluffs are so pretty, but if you are completely naked, you have to struggle against the cold.

I can feel the cold penetrating deep into every inch of my bones.

My vision is covered by a fuzzy white light, my face twisted into a deformed smile as I am surrounded by a sudden warmth.
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