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Time Flies! Daily Flash Fiction 9/12/20 W/C 230
Find Time

“Quick! Grab him! Don’t let him get away!” George yelled at me. I turned to see a little guy running out of the building.

“I can’t get him. He’s too quick. It’s like he ran right through my fingers,” I yelled back.

We stood in the middle of the empty warehouse. Boxes were all around us, unopened cases.

“Fine, try explaining that to the big guy. Try telling him he got away. We’re toast. First day on the job and we let him get away.” George sat down on one of the cases. He looked dejected.

As soon as George sat down, the big guy walked in.

“Hey you two losers! What’s with sitting down on the job! Get with it! All these boxes are to be moved, pronto.” Big guy looked around. “Where’s the little guy?”

“He left. You just missed him,” I answered.

“And you just let him go? You didn’t stop to think that ‘Time is running out’?”

George stood. “He was so quick. It happened so fast.”

The big guy grabbed George’s shirt. “Time is like that. Here one second, gone the next. Geesh. Will I ever get anyone in here with a brain?” He let go of George’s shirt. George fell to the floor.

The big guy kicked a case. “Get these things moved, idiots. Unless, you can find time to do it for you.”

W/C 230
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