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My recent job let me see all the unequalness of our world and unfairness.
I had a new job the important word is had.
I counted people and I saw much.
What was seen much of the time was such a depressing thing.
I saw all the unfairness of our world.
I saw how certain races matter very little.
I saw how in certain neighborhoods you should definitely carry mace.
I saw how certain classes matter very little.
I saw children living in housing not fit for dogs even.
I heard folks say we black folk's killing each other.
Folk's stealing from each other and doing much evil.
I heard folks say the jobs are drying up around here.
Folk's having to rob Peter to pay Paul.
Some feel like you must leave the area to be truly blessed.
You must leave the area to have a good future.
I heard folks say they don't like/care for our government.
I saw the distrust in some folk's eyes.
I heard the distrust in some folk's language.
This was so sad because in one of the greatest country's in the world this is happening.
If you poor hit the door.
If you got brown skin than good luck my friend.
If you black than get back jack.
If you Mexican or Spanish or of that sort your housing will most likely not be worth squat.
You can make it no doubt with God's help.
You can make it if you have a will that just won't give up.
You can make it but you are in for the fight of your life.
You can win yes but you in for one Hack of a fight.
Why must this be I can't say but it is what it is?
In this nation so great this shouldn't be the case but it is.
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