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Hijackers divert Delhi bound Aircraft to Kandahar airport to force emergency landing.
The Hihjack

“Divert” Hijacker orders pressing the pistol on my scalp.

Fuel indicator is showing it lasts two hours flight. Map’s showing we’re nearing Afghanisthan, it’s just sufficient to reach New Delhi. It’s not wise changing schedule lest it ends up fatal.

Copilot is watching the drama, understands my wink. Drops his belt open to distract

The masked man hearing it, jumps shouting “you mutt , hang on, don’t move” presses the pistol but on his scalp.

I switched to autopilot mode, jumped out of cockpit, grabbed his hand and pistol he’s holding.

“No, you’re wrong, captain, get back, or else I’ll trigger” he shouts.

Sensing danger one of the crew tries to enter pilots’ cabin. Frightened at the scene,she retreats and alerts all passengers about the hijack over public address.

In the melee altitude is getting lost .I’m forced to get back to cockpit, tried manual pilot mode to effect correction. It’s too late, emergency lights flash, signalling loss of altitude. Pressure indicator is beeping red as pressure inside falls. I left auto landing on to avoid mistakes under stress.

The intruder continued pressing his pistol again on my scalp ordering “Divert to Kandahar”

I established contact with ground control Kandahar seeking their permission for emergency landing due to fuel shortage.

“Wait, all landing tarmac’s are occupied ” they reply. I left auto landing on .

Dash board flashes repeatedly “Time is running out, Fuel’s running out”

A loud thud of wheels getting open indicates the aircraft’s already landing, another thud, speed breaker umbrellas are opened, aircraft comes to a screeching halt.

Gun wielding hijackers are shouting “Keep to your places, don’t stir out”

A sudden silence returns.

Commandos appeal to hijackers to lay down arms and surrender within fifteen minutes, shouting loud “Time is running out, surrender”


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