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Come find out what Trekol dreamed up and how it changed a whole world.

Trekol let the comic book drop from his suckers and turned his eye stalks inward to think about what it must be like to be human. Sure they had super powers but then they needed them. Being bipeds, they had to rely on just two legs and arms...two eyes and ears...and their brain sack was stuck up on top of their bodies which made them look even weirder. He'd heard from his parents that you had to go to Earth to really believe what it was really like there.

Trekol let his wing flaps spread to catch the evening breeze and drifted up with the rest of the brood to find a warm place in the Zapa' trees to spend the night. The comic book had been an old one about Superman... one of Trekol's favorites.

True, Superman wasn't a real earthling like Batman and Robin, but Trekol found it easier to relate with another being which could fly. Not like those Ninja turtles and other transmuted low lives...

Trekol was cold blooded and felt himself start to go into deep sleep as the temperature of his world cooled. He hoped he'd have the same dream he had last night.

Being a human on Earth... where the sky was blue instead of the musty orange of his own world... where love was just around the corner and an exciting adventure at every turn. He closed his leathery outer shell around him and let his mind sack expand to fill the inner space for the night.

He drowsily wondered what it would be like to have only one mate instead of the five it would take when he came of age to make a nest. All five of his parents had made him sick, talking about how hard it was to find four compatible partners to spend the creating time with...and none of them had mentioned love at all.

Was this a unique emotion of the earthlings? He'd have to fly over to the spaceport the next day and ask one of infrequent visitors of earth....If he was lucky he might con some more comic books from one of the traders.

As his metabolism slowed, Trekol slid into a state of hibernation and his eye stalks stared unseeingly at each other. Trekol's brain sack was anything but sleepy. The dream state started almost immediately.


"What's wrong?" Manny Price was nervous. He was into this for the money. Stealing secrets from Amazon was bad enough. Holding the mega corporation governing and controlling every transaction on Earth for ransom was pure madness.

"I've got a splitting headache. It's that stupid diet Amazon has put everyone on. Never had it as bad as this." Allen Anthony stopped fiddling with the software virus code he was playing with. He'd always been a little paranoid. Working in the research lab only made him more so.

"Here. Take a swig. It will either kill or cure ya'." Manny took a deep swallow from the flask magically appearing from a back pocket. "Ahh,loosens up the neurons, it does."

"Give me that." Allen wasn't into black market home made brew. The thickening mist pulsing behind his eyes threatened to become a monster storming berserk in his brain if he didn't stop it.

The taste was so alien his stomach threatened to erupt sending lava into a fiery volcano coming up his throat. "Gah. Whew."

Manny pounded Allen on the back with one hand while retrieving his precious brew. He hated the thought of his partner knowing it existed. Any unlicensed beverage meant a stiff fine or prison time once Amazon got wind of it. For them it was legal to steal the rights right out from under him while doing so. "Better? Just a little concoction I made up in the lab. Our secret, right? Makes you feel like Superman, right?"

Allen's eyes finished tearing up and grew bright. The mist in his head cleared right up. "Xyllis ner alink sav?"

The resonance pattern of his Alpha brain waves reformed into those of REM sleep. Trekol's dream quest to transform into a human super comic book hero matched Allen's receiver to his sender.

In the blink of an eye, they were one psyche sharing two sleeping bodies, a sleep walking one in Allen Anthony's case. He cleared his throat. "Sure. Good to go. Give me another shot of that stuff to clear my head. I'm almost done."

Trekol submerged into Allen's unconscious, exploring the vast array of neural networking to see what made this Superman tick. What the alien found was disturbing. Self image didn't match physical attributes. A few energy tweaks kicked the human body into high gear, healing a vast array of imperfections.

It was time to surface and see what this Superman was up to. "Well? What are you staring at? Go on." Manny Price shook his flask before finishing off the few drops Allen had left.

"Do your thing." There would be less evidence if the two were caught. Manny had been subverting Amazon's vast resources into his own private black market coffers.

He leaned over Allen's shoulders to watch the virus code rippling across the screen. Once it attached itself to Amazon's software, they controlled Earth's food supply.

Allen's fingers danced on his keyboard, froze, then danced on.

"Talk to me, Allen. We got to get out of here. Morning shift will be coming on." Manny shook his partners shoulder turning him and his chair around.

"I'm not Superman. But I want to be." Allen's voice was sleepy slurred. "I'll be done in a minute if you leave me, the heck, alone." He swiveled back around and robot like began tapping on his keyboard so fast his fingers were a blur.

Trekol found it increasingly comfortable taking over all functions placed at his command. Finding out Trekol's five parent's rare alien visit to Earth for a their recent vacation had been a farce. Their mind melding and post hypnotic suggestions kept their visit a secret but bringing him back comic books as souvenir trinkets meant that was all they were. Earth had no super hero's.

Being human by definition meant they regarded their imperfections as God given, worthy of display and admiration. Why, if anything this creature Trekol communed with was an evil terrorist bent on a cruel plan. He meant to poison billions of fellow Earthlings.

Trekol took in the horrible onslaught of of Allen Anthony's hell bent task and assumed control. The man began sleep walking his fingers across the keyboard changing the virus code into an alien recipe harvesting Amazon's own software and growing it into something else.

Minutes later, Trekol was done. The pattern of energy shifting with the human began fading with the light day. Allen Anthony felt himself jerked to his feet. The sound of the morning crew's footsteps echoed on the hallway entrance floor.

"Act like we were working overnight fixing one of Amazon's projects. Maybe we can brave this out." Manny Price thrust a lab coat at Allen as he whipped his own arms into one.

"What's eating at you, Allen? Hey, wake up." Cynthia Parker, morning crew chief grew concerned at the clouded, confused look in the man's eyes.

"I'm fine. I feel like a new man," Allen chuckled, rubbing his eyes.

Trekol had left a parting gift, having healed the poor misfiring connections of eight billion nueron connections in Allen's brain. He would go on to take humble credit for making the software changes that altered the world's diet into doing the same in body and mind for everyone.

Manny was the sole person to avoid that fate. While selling his elixir on the black market, he fell for a Vegan rolly-bug. Her flying saucer had landed on Earth so she could escape tax collectors and losing her craft. Manny couldn't believe his luck when his feelings were returned in kind. The fact that rolly-bugs had the power to appear as camaflauge was a blessing in disguise. The rolly-bug appeared in the shape of a buxom beauty. She realized the value of what Manny was selling, beamed him up and they made a stellar wide killing brewing and marketing his brew.

When the next human generation started growing a carapace and eye stalks, Amazon took it in stride. As long as the company controlled everything consumers ate, wore and bought any side effects didn't matter.

Trekol's amused parents kept his nightmare to themselves. The new diet of humanity meant the planet would not have to be destroyed after all. The mind curdling ways of mankind were changed forever. They would keep at least an occasional eye stalk on things directed Earth wise, for when formal greetings would be put on the menu.

Who knew. Perhaps when the real word came out, Trekol might be heralded as a true Super hero by Earthlings one and all.

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