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A view less taken
A story of intrigue and mystery,
A story of two that were one,
A story to go into history,
A story of two hearts and a gun.

Two renegades just a running,
Taking life day by day,
Looking into the eyes of the other
Hoping for another way.

Wishing their love could have been normal,
With children and houses to live,
But this would not be their future,
Only destruction to society to give.

Texas could not hold them,
For their love and their passion's to wild,
But away from the lights and the sirens,
You could see a hint of a child.

In the eyes that had seen so much hatred,
In the arms that embraced each night through,
Not knowing if tonight would be the last one,
To ensure that their love was known to be true.

Stealing a laugh or a tussle,
Hoping the coast would be clear,
Dreaming of free love in a bustle,
Holding their dreams so dear.

Tightly, passionately they loved the other,
Not taking one kiss for not,
Caressing and holding and loving,
For what little time before they would be shot.

Bonnie and Clyde were lovers,
Through toil and trials became friends,
Destined to be entwined together,
Until the bitter end.

Elaine C. Miles

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