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This was an article that I wrote to our local newspaper after a tragic accident.
There was a tragic car accident yesterday that has taken the life of a 9 year old girl.. Stan (my husband) drove up on it moments after it took place. There were four people scattered on the road. Rescue workers were busily attending to their injuries.

Stan was in a vehicle stopped just behind the wreck. He witnessed a very disturbing sight, that has changed his life forever. As he stood about fifteen feet away, he saw the father of this family walking around in a daze. He was trying desperately to find his daughter.

This man that was frantically looking around was no longer a stranger to Stan. The personalized Missouri license plate named him as "2-Tall". This personalized more than just the mangled remains of the Escort, but also the large stranger.

"2-Tall then noticed a small lump under a blanket lying just inches from his son. As he slowly walked toward the covered figure, fear and anguish washed over his face.

Stan stood close enough to see the many lacerations on the mans face and head and his blood drenched shirt. As horrible as 2-Talls injuries were, this is not the memory that would change Stan's thinking and heart forever. Etched on Stan's mind would be the absolute horror he witnessed as the man pulled the blanket back to see his daughter lying there, lifeless.

As Stan walked in the door that evening, I immediately noticed that something was different. His face was slightly pale and his usual proud stature was pierced with humility. His words seemed shaky and unsure as he told of his day. There was a gentleness and patience in his voice, evidence of God's work through this tragedy. He stood in disbelief and with a new respect for human life, as well as, his family.

Stan's evening was spent as many nights before, but with a new passion. He had a different energy as he played hide and seek with our six children. Clearly he cherished every moment.

As he spoke with me throughout the night and into the morning I saw a new love and appreciation for his family. It makes me wonder, "Does a person's life continue after they die?". The piece of life that entered Stan's heart is tangible proof of a Spiritual truth. Yes, this precious life, lost in horror, will go on. Not only in heaven, but also in a man's life that she had never known and in every one that he touches from this day forward.
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