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Reachiing Across Race
John was born a full-blooded Cherokee Native American Indian. Yet, he felt that he “Couldn't be Indian in the white man's world.” He Saw prejudice, inequality and oppression all around him.

John was drafted during the Vietnam era. But he resented being forced to fight “The white man's war.”

When John got out after the war, he found, once again tthat he was ignored by his country. He became angry at the government and resentful of the inequality and racism he saw in his nation. John joined a militant group fighting for native's rights. These angry protests let people know that he was not going to stand for injustice anymore.

Meanwhile, John's wife was contacted by some people sharing the Bible's message. She liked what she heard and began to study the Bible with them. But when John found out, he was angry. He declared to his wife that these “Bible-toting white people, are not going to Christianize us - civilize us!”

Still, his wife continued to study the Bible. Eventually, she decided to get baptised. John was asked if he would come along to look after their baby while his wife was baptised. He very reluctantly agreed.

When he was at the gathering for his wife's baptism, John was welcomed by many people, people who had learned and followed the principles of the Bible. He was surprised to be treated equally, with respect and affection. There were people there of all colours, nationalities and backgrounds. John recalls the “sincerity” he felt from them all.

As time went on, John began to learn for himself what the Bible said that had made such an impression on his wife and these peaceful people. He learned that the Bible says that God made “Out of one man – all the nations of the earth.” He also learned that the Bible promoted equality and peace between all men, regardless of their race, nationality, religion or status. What John read in the pages of the Bible, and saw among the people who had welcomed him, moved him to say “This is the way the world should be.”

John learned to let go of his anger, and he learned to love and respect people of all nations, races and backgrounds. Today, John is a teacher of the Bible's message, in the Cherokee language, John calls this a “privilege.”

He reflects on his experience in coming to know the Bible and those who live by it's principles and he says “There is no other love like this, this is genuine.”

John's experience, along with many others, can be found at the following link;

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