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I decided to try to copy what I saw in a dream once.
Alternating layers of graphene, superconductive iron doped with nitrogen, and boron nitride nanosheets replicated over and over until the whole thing was half an inch thick. I saw a group of scientists circled around a demonstration with a screen showing the breakdown of what they were looking at. I gathered it was something that they had reverse-engineered or happened to stumble upon and were discussing the potential applications. They were close to a spinning version and seemed to suffer no ill effects from the working device.

The first few versions worked to some degree or another but destructive analysis showed flaws in the layers where energy could leak from one to the other in unanticipated ways. The revised versions with slower 3D printing and a more thorough QC resulted in orders of magnitude improvement. They seemed to gain mass as they spun up faster and faster, but that mass gain didn't increase their weight. On the contrary, the weight decreased until they weighed nearly nothing, but was so massive that I had trouble moving them up and down to measure the difference.

Within a few months, I had done enough experiments to determine that some force, probably neutrinos somehow bouncing off the field, was nearly balancing out with perpendicular vectors from the rotation of the disk. The force increase in direct proportion to the RPM of the disk. The disk was being spun by a standard DVD motor and the power requirements were minuscule compared to the results. I had designed smaller disks and mounts that could house multiple disks with degrees of motion allowing me to change their orientation on the fly.

Further testing and development lead to discoveries on how to angle the disks to surf or sail the neutrinos and negate not just their own weight, but up to fifteen pounds of additional weight per disk running at standing DVD disk spin speed. The power requirement was still small but growing so I opted for a light vehicle this time.

A small plane converted for electric was perfect and available since the newer models had power beaming tech and were thousands of pounds lighter from reduced battery needs alone. My designs for Faraday Field devices had been refined down to enclosed units with hundreds of individual disks able to gimbal and spin in any orientation with changes as easy as spinning down and then back up again once the correct orientation was achieved. The arrays had been wired in and securely mounted all around the planes interior and cargo area to provide as much lift and control as possible.

The first test flight used up ten percent of the battery power over a full day of flying around and automating the computer control of the aircraft with the new lift and movement abilities. I never went above the sound barrier as this old craft was not rated to go that fast, but most of the power draw ended up being from airconditioning, lights, and communication, not from the devices themselves. I had returned to my originating airport and was just pulling into the hangar to charge it up and plan out my tests for the following day when every military vehicle in the arsenal showed up at the same time.

Apparently my flight testing had caused such chaos in neutrinos sensors worldwide that someone had hit the panic button and a concerted effort resulted in them figuring out my craft was the one responsible. They had enough satellites in orbit to backtrack the signal to my flight path and then to send the closest group to apprehend me and to determine my intentions.

The first couple of hours were a bit rough but after they really started going through my notes and findings their excitement won and they were bursting with enthusiasm for the possibilities in what I had done. They were trying to manipulate and concentrate neutrinos for scientific and astronomical reasons and my crude but effective demonstration made even their best efforts failures in comparison.

The next vehicle should be space rated and be able to accelerate at one gravity for as long the thorium battery lasts which is fifty years for the latest models. If used as a space tug, the speed will go down, but the force will remain constant. I wonder what else it will be able to do?
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