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The art in creation
}Glorify the Great
Awesome artist of nature
Author of the universe,

Glorify God
for beauty infinite,
For the markings bedecked
for the striped and the
The mottled and the dotted
for the gold bedecked
for the glint 'n' glitter bespangled
For the fawns speckled
flora and fauna dappled.
The cobras bespectacled!
Variety in flora and fauna.
His creation's so beauteous
whether it hath markings
or be it plain,
It's all simply wondrous.

But for God's sake, let that fur
be left solely on its owner
for poachers don't own it
nor do they the python's skin.
So hunters and poachers beware
Unless nobody does care
any longer
if beauty be extinct!

Opt for other options
for your pillowcasing eiderdowns
Don't strip the feathered fauna
of their fine downy gowns!

Be ye cautious about culling or killing
Let no blood be rapaciously spilling
So forever humanbeings may admire
God's stippled effects on animals
And His ripple effect on river canals!

Donot destroy God's works of art, His masterpieces great
Don't drive the natural world to extinction's fate

My muse rotates and revolves around this great creator
Thank you God for creating all this fascinating nature.
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