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My view on criticism.

Before you criticize, ask yourself, are there other ways to correct them? Is criticism the best I can do? Why criticism? Criticism might not be the best way to correct people, criticism arouses resentment, creates enmity within individuals towards you as they would try to justify themselves, fight back and try to prove their rightness. When you feel like criticizing, refrain, try to understand the situation, try to put yourself in someone else's shoe, sometimes you might be misjudging. Instead of being critical of everyone, analyze yourself, it is more selfish also more effective. Self-evaluation would make you realize your strengths, weaknesses and what to improve on. Be more critical of yourself, challenge your self to be better, practice self-control and encourage yourself. Practice leniency with words you use on people and be less critical say words of encouragement, this will make you more friends. One of human's terrific craving is the need to be appreciated, give it to them, tell them how much you appreciate them, be lavish in your praise and restrain from being too critical.
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