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More lesson's learned while doing nursing.
I want go home now God do you hear?
I want to go home today without delay God do you hear?
I want to go home because all my friends and my wife are gone to Heaven.
I want to go home now God DO YOU HEAR ME!
This was the rantings of a man I was setting with up until his last day on earth.
He was old and tired, he had lost his joy for living many a year ago.
He often asked me why he was still here as if I knew.
He was like ninety or so, so if you don't know I thought then how can I?
I think I was in my thirties than and not too worried about death.
This was almost his every thought.
Day after day he would ask why am I still here?
He didn't want to be here any longer he did not.
He would pray often to be taken but to no avail.
Then one day when he could stand it no longer he took his stand.
He would not eat or hardly do anything else.
He prayed and prayed to go home that day.
As his two daughters busied themselves cleaning and rambling through his things.
He was praying to go home to Heaven.
His kids thought he was just making a fuss and showing off because of some displeasure.
They said it was because they were messing with his stuff.
I said I don't think so, my voice went unheeded.
About an hour or two later I saw his spirit leaving him.
He got real quiet and still like he was thinking or something.
His body went limp and all his color started draining from him.
I ran to get his kids and said he is leaving now come quick.
They barely got in as he breathed his last, they got in a quick goodbye.
Oh, the Lord had answered his prayer and he was home a last in Heaven.
The girls his girls were glad he was home but not too happy with themselves.
"We could have spent his last moments by his side but yet we were too busy cleaning."
"If only we had taken the time to listen to his last cry's."
"At least we got to say goodbye because of you thank goodness!"
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