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by Amber
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Afraid of your true self, someone you wouldn't want to know. So you hide from yourself.

Hidden secrets

Another cover I pick, to survive the day

Another mask I put on, to hide my face

A new story I pick, one that isn't mine

All I truly am, is a weeping child

Another person I pick to mimic

I seem to be doing well, you say

But you can't see

For someone else covers my face

I couldn't smile if it were truly me

Playing new characters everyday

To save myself from the pain

The pain I brought from the past

It never leaves, no matter what I do

But I can't show them me, for even I don't know who that is

But I know they would hate me

But it doesn't matter, I feel the same way

Another mask another day

I am running out of characters to play

It is said the worlds a stage

It's one where I've got no part

The script is flawed, the characters are dull

The world couldn't be a stage, there is no audience

Move along, skip your dialogue's

No one will hear you anyways

Another day another face


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