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by Amber
Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #2232348
The walls are closing in, There is no escape you sit back and wait for them to close.

Closing in

All my chosen paths are blocked

It's a dead end, there's no place to go

No place left to call my home

Lost in the tunnels of freedom

I would've gotten to it

But I took a wrong turn

My shoulders are burdened

The walls are closing in

My voice is gone I can't scream

I pant, trying to get a word across these deadly walls

But all that comes out of me, is cold air

Unable to yell

Unable to breathe freely

Stuck between these walls I can't escape

But I've gotten used to it

I deserved it because there's a lot I concealed

I deserved it because there's a lot I refused to feel

Not a partner in their pain

I created my own

A lot of free time I've got

Sitting between these closing walls

Day by day they get closer and closer

Forcing me to feel death, when it is yet to come

I count down the days

It will all end

But I am stuck within these walls

Unable to speak, Unable to be heard


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