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More lessons learned from nursing a older woman who thought she was surrounded by idiots.
I am surrounded by idiots do you hear?
I am surrounded by idiots both near and far.
I am all but dismayed by the idiots all around me.
I am altogether one of the brightest people around.
Why won't people listen to me?
Why won't people adore me?
Or just go away really I don't care sometimes which.
I was at the top of my class.
I was by far the brightest woman in my college.
I was beloved by my parents.
Now they have gone and left me here alone.
I have no need of God for what has he done for me really.
What has God done for me here lately?
My parents they were the only ones that loved me the best.
Well as I can remember they weren't all that bright.
Surely they were not brighter than I.
But they did love me and make my days brighter.
Now that they are gone my days are dim.
The rest of the world, well see they are idiots.
Are you listening to me?
No not really I am not.
Can we go for a walk and I'll walk you off a cliff, you old witch.
Of course, I couldn't really say this.
Is it time to go home yet is it 3 pm yet?
I tried to get along with her, to agree with on some level her.
No dice didn't work.
I tried to talk about my small education and the things I've learned.
No dice didn't work.
Is it 3:00 yet?
I tried to impress her with the way I worked.
No dice it didn't work.
I want to go home yes I do this day can't end quickly enough.
Please folks learn from this poor old woman don't be too smart.
Don't think you're surrounded by idiots.
Don't think no one is as bright as you are.
Being too smart will leave you all alone sooner or later.
Even more so when you choose to say I am surrounded by idiots.
Even if you say it in a roundabout kind of way!
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