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Royal intrigue!
There was a beautiful princess in Europe who was married into a very popular royal family who was often seen in the press and in the media. This princess, Danica, wanted nothing more but to be an essential part of the thrilling goings on in the royal court and take the arm of her husband Prince Theo wherever they went and were photographed for magazines and television. Princess Danica was very optimistic when she married into the popular royal family of Prince Theo and lived in their lavish castle high up on a small mountain.

DANICA'S DIARY: "It deeply saddens me to discover that the royal family so popular that I married into is deeply scarred by the influence of flawed morals and vanities. My husband Prince is unfaithful and has wanton affairs with many women, taking advantage of his liberal media celebrity status, and his mother the Queen takes no notice and condones all this and shuns my attempts to reach out to her. I fear that if I confided in anyone, I'll be in terrible danger."

One day, the royal family hired a very handsome young gardener named Lancelot. Lancelot worked very diligently and often with his shirt off and the Princess Danica noticed this and started to become attracted to him and wondered if she might just indulge her sensual newfound amorous private fantasies of a making love to this extremely attractive newly hired royal gardener Lancelot. Danica finally decided to approach Lancelot and confided in him about her husband prince and his adulterous deeds with numerous women. Danica told Lancelot she was very very lonely and desperate and yearned for the affections and sensual embrace of a kind and handsome man.

DANICA'S DIARY: "I'm so thrilled that Lancelot accepted my lonely proposal. We've engaged in a very sensuous and romantic extra-marital love affair, and I'm finally feeling somewhat thrillingly avenged for my betrayal by my husband Prince. In fact, small rumors of my heated affair with Lancelot has generated a bit of a stir among the chatty maids and butlers in the royal castle. I've decided to profit from this gossip by presenting myself in public as more adventurous and perhaps even a tad more defiant...and curious."

Princess Danica decided to exploit her newfound romantic courage by entreating other visiting princes to the royal castle for sensuous secret affairs. She quickly realized she'd become as bold if not as wanton or crude as her wildly unfaithful husband Prince Theo. However, amidst all this enthusiasm and personal revenge, Princess Danica grew less beautiful in the eyes of the sympathetic and attractive young royal castle gardener Lancelot who now decided it'd be best if he cut off all personal secret ties to Danica now that she was much more bold and somewhat more public about her romantic revenge plot. This deeply troubled the princess.

DANICA'S DIARY: "Now I've made matters worse, for all my excited romance revenge schemes have resulted in the dullness of my fair and handsome garender lover Lancelot who now believes I'm simply too dangerous to court in private. Even though we're both praying Christians, Lancelot fears my public courage which will no doubt continue to yield more revenge stories in the press will endanger him if he continues to pursue any sympathetic romance with me! Now with Lancelot faded from the big picture, the rumors have swung the other way and have led to talk about me not being as bold or excited as I originally seemed and perhaps simply just over-zealous. Once again, I'm feeling endangered in my reputation by my Prince husband and his wanton acts of loud love and adultery!"

Princess Danica implored the attractive gardener Lancelot to reconsider his stern newfound view and embrace her as his secret love once more, since she'd finally resolved to end her liberal multiple romances with visiting handsome princes from other courts to the royal castle. Once again, the young gardener Lancelot was moved to sympathy, realizing that Danica's overly eager and slightly immature enthusiasm had rendered more negative gossip about her sense of romantic flair in the land. Lancelot decided the princess really did want to return to a more simple life of charming revenge minded secret love with him and avoid the complications that would only lead to great reputation dangers in the media land. Lancelot resolved once again to become Princess Danica's ideal private love-butler.

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