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Lakshya,a girl,who sees visions about future now sees a nightmare similar to her vision.
4-8-2020,2:00 AM.

Dark. Everything around me is horribly dark. I glance around with fear. 'Where on earth I am? ,what on earth I am doing here?', I ask my inside-me.

'how can I Know girl? I am inside you' , my inside-me snaps me.

I am totally confused with my inside-me reply to me . I raise my chin and gaze up ,a thick admiral blue color sky appears. Abruptly I slid my head down and narrows my eyes to peer at my wrist watch , short and long needles together pointing at number three on my dial .

My mind is urging me to scream for help, ironically, I can't make a word out from my mouth. I feel like I am isolated from my world. silence around makes me feel weird. Precisely, I am going insane with fear. I take a deep breath and close my eyes in an attempt to find courage but, my mind is holding a 'Courage-Absconded ' board. I huffs at my mind sarcasm and open my eyes and starts glancing around.

My remaining sanity vanishes when I peer at my wrist watch again. Hour's needle and minute's needle both forget their duty and having a 'fun-racing' competition in my dial. They are circling one after other and abruptly both stops and points to number four on my dial .I feel like I am standing on the treadmill and my surroundings getting changed with a lightning speed.

'What the Hell ',my inside-me starts dancing with fear.

My heart is in my mouth when I raise my head and glance up by tearing my gaze from my wrist watch. Around 30 yards apart from me something is illuminating like a ghost and hanging in middle of the air. I close my eyes with fear.

'you didn't killed anyone .so, no ghost is going to take revenge . come on gather strength ' , my inside-me assures me.

Hesitantly, I rub my eyes with fore finger to peer at the illuminating object .Gradually ,the silver object is attaining its shape, like , from a blurred-144p-resolution to 720p-resolution to my eyes. A green triangle-shape object with silver border is in-view ,instead of a terrible-ghost-head , resting on a thin pole instead of a aghast-ghost-body.

'you ,coward. see , it is just a road-sign-board-pole ', inside-me burst into laugh.

Abruptly inside-me stop laughing and widened her eyes, 'sign-board !,it is a sign board!, may be you are on road'.

I am dumbfounded now from the thought what-the-hell-I-am-doing-at-this-hours-in-middle-of-the-road.

'Are you going to observe what is on sign-board or not', my mind shouts at me.

I peer at the sign-board, hoping it helps me to find where I am. 'Truck lay bye' words are neatly embedded with silver color radium. Beside there is a faded arrow symbol. Arrow is faded in a distinguished pattern. wait!, I have seen this sign board somewhere else.

'where? where I have seen this sign-board?', I try to question both my mind and inside-me.

Both of them are exchanging glances and shrugging their shoulders at each other. suddenly my head hit with a thought medical-camp .I remember, I have seen this sign board in the edge of a road adjoined to a hillock when two days earlier we are going for a medical camp in 'jambhavi-hills' . But, why I am here now?.


A large sound forced me to alight from my train-of-thoughts. I glance around to search where the sound is from.my stomach twists when I see a person ,with a white shirt and grey trousers , lying on the ground facing his back to me in a blood pool.

'Run!', my mind screams at me. but I am completely paralyzed. I am staring at the person who seems to be life-less and lying on ground and is 10 feet apart from me. His blood is crawling on the ground.my gaze run around his body and alight when a tiny stone ,rapidly, twinkling near him in dark. I peer at it. It is not a stone, but a ring. surprisingly it is similar to my left hand ring.

A sudden thought ,what-if-he-is-Abhi , hit my head .I feel blood is pounding in my ears. "Lakshya? Lakshya?",someone is screaming my name. Involuntarily I peer back over my shoulders. A large vehicle is heading towards me to hit. It's large headlight forced my eyes to close. I feel someone is grabbing my arms. Abruptly I open my eyes. what the hell ?.I am in tent. My room-mate , satya , is grabbing my arm and shaking me. she asks with , 'Lakshya, are you okay?, you are screaming in sleep?'.

"Satya , I am fine stop shaking me", I grab Satya arms which are grabbing my arms.

"water?", she asks me by grabbing water jug.

I nod to her in acknowledgment . she hands me the glass and asks,' I told you not to watch horror movies, didn't I ?'.

"where is my phone?", I ask her absent-minded.

"here!", she hands me phone grabbing it from the table beside her.

A pile of messages pings on my screen ,when I switch on the phone ,from Abhi.

my heart skips a beat . There are three notes from him.

Note 1:-"hey, Lakshya!,guess where I am?"-10:15 PM

Note 2:-"aren't you going to guess?"-10:18 PM

Note 3:-"Hmmm.., I guess you are sleeping .see you tomorrow morning."-10:50 PM

I feel there is a bunch of butterflies dancing in my stomach.

'If he is here, is dream going to be real?', my inside-me hisses biting nails with her teeth.

--------------------------------------------TO BE CONTINUED---------------------------------------------------
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