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Living in Northeastern USA has some of us treasuring warmer seasons.
A dainty hummingbird hovers,
On the red feeder tied up high,
Drinking its' weight in nectar,
While I in awe doth spy.

Twin fawns with whitetails wagging,
Joyfully leap through fields of hay,
But their mother is closely watching,
So her offspring don't faraway stray.

Adult geese and yellow goslings,
Are waddling along in a row,
Mom, then babies, then poppa,
Pond-to-pond they happily go.

Backyard Weeping Willows,
Are billowing elegantly,
Thin leaves on sweeping branches,
Are cascading gracefully.

Killdeer are spastically whaling,
Wanting predators to stay away,
With eggs 'n nest at ground level,
All dangers they must keep at bay.

Flowers the color of rainbows,
Surround birdbath facing the road,
Oh, how I love the summertime,
Forever proclaiming its glow!

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