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Just a start. Don't know if I should continue or rewrite or give up.
The World Between Us

Chapter 1

         Huh? Where am I? Why can't I move? I try to blink but no color comes into sight all I see is black and a little bit of white. Wait, is that light? I struggle to open my eyes and finally with real power they open and stay open. I try to lift my head, but it takes effort as something is slightly forcing it back down. I finally make do with looking around at the position I'm in. I see mustard yellow walls that make me dizzy, the color reminding me of a hospital room. I look around some more and see two ivory hospital recliner chairs and next to them is a surgical tray with various sketchy tools upon a small cart. Other than the bed and the recliner chairs and the bed I'm lying on there's nothing else besides a door in the far corner of the room.

         Wow. How did I get here? The last thing I remember is being with a boy around the age of 17 and then a flash of bluish, greenish light coming from my hands. Just as I was wondering what the time was, numbers instantaneously pop into my head, 11:52. Huh, is that the time. I'm not sure but what I am wondering is what the hell is going on here.

         I close my eyes and start to doze off just as I hear voices getting near. One male and two female one sounding a bit younger than the other. "It's been a week she should be up by now." says the younger female. A week. I've been in this place for a whole week, why am I even here, and why are they keeping me here? I contemplate everything which is making my mind seem like it's in a haze, all of the events before this seem foggy. "We finally have her...the prophecy...Kolton, Alyssa." I hear the voices say as they seem to fade away.

         I take this opportunity to stupidly scream for help. "Help me! Let me out! I want to go home! Please let me out!" I scream out but by the final plea for help, I realize I've started crying. Wait a minute, what is that feeling? It's coming from my hands just like my last memory before waking up in this place. My hands painlessly heat up until they feel so damp from the sweat coming from them. My eyes gloss over as I slowly start to remember things.

         My name is Alyssa Kolton, and I'm a princess warrior (more like the only one) from the kingdom of DragonHearts. My father sent me to Omaha, Nebraska in the coldest month ever January, in order to rescue this prince who doesn't know he's a prince. His name is Calvin Dreary, (ha how crazy his name suits his life), and he is about my age seventeen or eighteen. He lives in this state with his mothers' sister, she was there to keep him safe if something happened to his parents. His mother and father died slightly after he was born.

         After that random burst of memory, I opened my eyes that I hadn't even realized closed and saw three people standing around the bed. Two females and one male, these must be the people holding me here that I heard earlier. Inside I'm seething, but outwardly I'm trying to focus on what they're saying. "Alyssa. Alyssa, can you hear me? It's your mother." That's a lie my mother is dead but this lady looks familiar like I know her face but I can't think of her name. I look at her a little longer, but the name never comes to me.
         All I know is that I need to get out of here and suddenly a pang of hunger hits and reminds me of what they said earlier, I've been here a week, and this is the first time I've been up. I don't know if should answer that lady's claim as being my mother or brush it off and ask for something to eat because I'm hungry. I finally answer my voice sounding hoarse after screaming and crying and ask for food. "You want food, you don't even want to talk to your mother?" the younger lady said. "I'm hungry and I'd rather eat before trying to digest any bit of information you have." This lady is so crazy, I think to myself, and then finally it hits me like literally hits me, my head jerking to the side as the older woman slaps me in the face. She's the reason my mother is dead.

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