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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2232554
Raya Knight a young Girl whao has the ambition to become the best of the best
Raya Knight always worked hard to achieve her dreams, she always followed the advice that her father used to give her, and right now her dream was to become a Tier One Operator, a Navy Seal, so that morning she went to the army offices in town to apply to be a Seal though she couldn't find anyone to ask then seen seen Danny Cooper stood there so she walked over to him and said.

"Hi, could you help me I want to apply to become a navy seal but I can't find the form anywhere and no one will help me."

Danny Replied.

"Yes here is the form, so you want to be the best of the best then?"

"Yeah I do my father always told me to follow my dreams and well here I am following my dream."

Raya Answered while she was filling out the form.


Name: Raya Knight

Age: 25

Rank: N/A

Height: 5"6

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Icy blue

What are your ambitions:

To become a navy seal and be the best that I can be and to protect the word, and to follow in my fathers footsteps.

What do you wish to become?

A tier one Operator hopefully with Bravo Team.

Next of kin?

No one my mother died when I was 6 and my father was killed in action when I was 18 so all alone.

Health issues?

None as far as I know I am healthy as a horse.


Always available can start my Training any time.

Form end.

As she handed the form back to Danny and she seen him hand it to the officer in charge.

"Please take a seat Miss Knight and we will be with you shortly we just need a few more details from you."

Said the commanding officer, so Raya calmly walked over to the chair and patiently waited for her name to be called.

An Hour Later the Officer in Charge called her over.

"Miss Knight would you please come over and take a seat."

Said the officer.

So she walked over to him and sat down in the chair opposite him.

"So Miss Knight you wish to be a Navy Seal then, may I ask what made you want to join?"

asked the officer.

"My father I wish to follow in his foot steps her was Alpha team I wish to be Bravo team."

Raya answered

"Who was your father?"

asked the officer.

"James Knight"

Answered Raya

"Ah he was a good guy good at his job may I ask what happened?"

Said the officer.

"He was shot I was there when it happened, I was the last thing he seen."

Admitted Raya.

"Well that's all if you can be here first thing in the morning and we will do your fitness test before we send you to green team."

Said the officer. With that Raya left the office and took a slow jog back home.

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