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A piece from a mindful journaling session.

Love makes me crazy. Hate drives me insane. Hate is the window to my mind. Love is the window to my heart. Sometimes love blocks the window to my gut. Hate sometimes blocks peace the window to my soul. My soul helps me take care of myself. Wellbeing is the window to my spirit. Both of these words can be a feeling, an action, or a description; such as these flowers are lovely or don't be so hateful. They could be a doorway, a doorway to feeling something associated with love or hate. " A person that can make you feel 1,000 emotions at once can be good. That same person can be your worse addiction."- Quote by me. I wrote that based on a person who made me feel love and hate and he made me feel so many other things, but he also became an addiction and I hate that I needed someone so badly that I couldn't even think clearly.
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