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My view on learning.
To become a master in any field, you have to put in a lot of work and be ready to learn humbly and accept criticisms that can help you improve. Learning, depending on the field is a process that might take a lot of time. Learning a skill might be tedious, but one must have the zeal to look beyond the tedium and every struggle that comes with learning. With time, effort and repetition you will beat the tedium and this will make your learning and assimilation improve similar to how physical exercises help boost your physicality. The more we endeavor to push ourselves to go through this cycle the easier it becomes. Learning isn't always easy. To master anything in life you have to be ready to push through the pain, tedium, take risks, accepts criticisms as this will build you into someone you'll later appreciate. And note that you'll make a lot of mistakes and you'll receive criticism, but don't let them bring you down, continue to learn from them and also do the best to evaluate yourself on areas you need to improve on.

I wish to become a great writer by continuous learning and one day I will achieve this.
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