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I have no idea where this going but lemme know what you think
Where am I? The grass was black and charred and the sky and clouds were so grey it was like the air was smog. I have no idea how I got here but I know I needed to leave. As I'm walked outside, I realized there are no people out beside a group of workers in hazmat suits. Whatever they're doing comes to a halt once I walked past, immediately they rushed to surround me. "How are you out here without a mask and protective gear?" one of the workers asked. The rest of the group started to stare at me nervously. I had no idea what they were talking about and so I tried to push past them, but they formed a tighter circle around me. "What are you doing let me go?" I said anxiously, still trying to get away. "Answer the question girl how are you out here unprotected and are still alive?" another worker demandingly blared. "I don't even know where I am, how am I supposed to know?" I stated. They all gave each other looks and nods to one another, I felt one of them move closer behind me and put their hand on mouth. Slowly my mind fogs and soon I lost consciousness. When I woke, I'm in a dark room or are my eyes still closed. I finally realized that my eyes were closed, and I opened them to a sight, unlike anything I had ever seen before. There in that room were aliens like real-life aliens and chickens but they were so mutated that they looked like deformed babies. It was so terrifying and then finally my eyes landed on something so horrifying and disturbing it was an animal if you can even call it that. It had the face of a dog, the legs of a deer, and the body of an elephant. "Jane Doe, you're finally awake." I heard a voice it sounded so close and far away at the same time. I started to look around and couldn't find anything or anyone else that the voice could belong to. Suddenly made a noise from the side of the room where the dog/deer/elephant creature was. My heart started to beat so hard and fast it felt like it was going to jump out my chest with fear. I clenched my eyes so tightly shut that my brain starts to bang against my skull. If I was going to die right now I really don't think I'd care who'd do it I'm scared and confused and overall near the point of peeing my pants.
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