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To keep a record of my writings in English. My native language is Spanish :)

This was a neighborhood like any other, and she was a woman like any other woman. The distinction was that, she was born somewhere else at a different time. She knew the future of this world and was ready to change its fate. Her memories were vanishing every day that passed. She always had to capture these ideas in her notebook. Among all the words she wrote, only one mattered. Spot, the name of the dog who destroyed her world as she knew it. He was responsible for the October revolution when everything started, and the structure of the world changed. Also, he was the dog who killed her cat and it was the beginning of the cat genocide. Her tears dropped without control, and she couldn’t bottle up the anger insider herself any longer. The plan was ready, and she didn't want to think more.

When she was drinking her coffee, there was something in the newspaper that held up her attention for a while. It was an accident near her house, where a dog was crushed to death by a construction machine. When she was ready to stop reading, a word in the article called her attention. The dog's name was Spot. At that moment, many questions flooded her head, including a feeling of disbelief in all of them. It couldn't be possible unless destiny exists.
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