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by Lusho
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Are we aware of our own selfishness or do we overshadow it with pretence?

The Selfish Sunflower

/ Lusho

I once met a very special and elegant Sunflower. A flower that spoke through movement caused by the slight tangle and sway of the wind. A Sunflower that sung songs of beautiful streams of yellow that adored the irresistible appearance of the finely shaped flower. A flower and more

I never had to look twice to notice the beauty it embraced upon itself. The kind of beauty that intimated the whole field of sunflowers. The kind of beauty that killed in order to stay as ruler of the field. Once noticed, it stayed as the centre of my attention, never leaving the sight of my eyes. The centre of the Sunflower began to appear as though it was a single eye, silently but dangerously watching that I kept looking. I felt enslaved.

As days went by, I continued to visit the beautiful field of Sunflowers. I wanted to witness how much power and greed was imprisoned in the soul of the Queen Sunflower.

As sunset approached the thin harsh layer of the horizon, reminding the kingdom of dangers of darkness as the light of comfort died away, the selfish Sunflower spread its elegant-born petals as wide as possible to show how mighty she was. I watched as nature got furious at the sudden act of rebellion. As punishment, nature took the lives of all sunflowers of the field, leaving the selfish sunflower standing head high while watching as her kingdom's lives got devoured away with the night. However, the sunflower cared less about her kingdom, for she felt that she only needed her elegance, shine and obvious beauty to rule it.

I stood there. Breathless, tired, heartbroken and scared. Scared of the murder I was witnessing. Scared of the dangers of the dark. Scared of myself because I could not help. I was not allowed to help. For man shall not interfere with nature to avoid graver consequences. I left the field in sorrow but in hopes that all I saw was a bad nightmare and the next day would be beautiful again.

I crawled on my heart as I walked my way to the field. I crawled on my sorrow, my fears of the little hope I had left. No sun, no beautiful sky. Nature was angry. The smell of death, the smell of rotting, the smell of punishment. I cannot get over it.

I walked until I stopped where I could face the Queen, witnessing her throne be shoved into the nothing. The selfish Sunflower. Petals were snatched away from her beautiful face, and Replaced with a horrible black demon that could still be seen sucking the little life left in her. She was still fighting. I could see her soul travelling through the stem, fighting, screaming and crying its way out but to no avail.

A few people that knew about the murder of the sunflowers came to pay their grievances. Many pointed out that it was bound to happen. I asked them why they had thought like that and they told me about how the Selfish Sunflower was always too repulsive, needy, territorial, dominant and greedy. Always asking, but never giving except only when it benefited her. Always seeking for more, staying up during the absence of the sun. Never caring about the law of love and compassion.

And for this cause, Nature took the lives of all.



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