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Things that made me feel angry and served as a lesson to me.
What I feel angry about.

I feel angry about not knowing what to do earlier in life, I should have been more serious and prepared. I didn't take the opportunity of my very young age to learn more than I have today and while at University, I took learning extra skills with levity. I wasn't bold enough to express myself. Speaking in public, making friends was hard for me, this timidity made me lose friends and opportunities. I should have taken most of my time to improve myself instead of giving in to distractions. I feel angry about having low self-esteem and having looked down on my self despite not being as bad I assume and allowed people's judgment to affect me. But now I have learnt my lesson and I hold my self accountable for everything. I'm the only one who's responsible for this change. I promise myself not to be taken for granted and not to waste my time on things that won't add value to my life. Now I've become obsessed with and addicted to self-improvement. Now I evaluate myself frequently to make sure I'm improving myself physically, mentally, spiritually and psychologically. Challenging myself to do things I wasn't comfortable doing, gradually eliminating acceptance of mediocrity in my life and holding myself up to a higher standard. I can feel the improvement already but there's a lot more to be done.
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