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Shadows and Light entry Round 88
I recently read a poem written
by a poet celebrated for his talent
I was wowed how he used such big words
to say little to nothing

some people try to impress others by
showing off the biggest words they know
like putting on the latest style of clothes
to look super cool at the disco
a few years later when they look back
everyone laughs at how stupid it was

I'm reminded of those people
at a mobile phone call center who
wear suits while they answer phones
so they can walk around at lunchtime
pretending they're upper management

when I read poetry
I search for the truth
I want it raw and not hidden behind
a bunch of words I have to lookup

tell me how exciting it was to secretly masturbate
in a ship's berthing compartment of 50 men
in a rack behind a thin blue curtain
with men lying above and below trying
not to shake and give yourself away

tell me about the power one feels having
the choice pick of many beautiful women
to spend the night for a mere five dollars
to be treated like a king ignoring the fact
her life is in your hands because
without money, she would starve to death

I know how hard it is to write about things
like caring for your mother dying of cancer
to have doctors mistrust you with her morphine
because you have long hair and a beard
when all you want is to run away because
seeing a loved one suffer hurts so much

those are things I appreciate in poetry
some say the truth will set you free
but I know the truth hurts
the truth will make you cry

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