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by Norman
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That noble bird
Behold the mighty pigeon
That creature of renown
You’ll see him on the wires
You’ll see him on the ground
This noble bird has colors
Of grays and black and browns
You’ll find him in the cities
You’ll find him in the towns
And if you’re at a park bench
You know one can be found
They congregate all over
Oh yes, just look around
And if you listen closely
You’ll hear that pigeon sound
They always do that cooing
While they prance all around
And where there’s outdoor dining
You know they will abound
You’ll see the patrons wincing
And swearing with a frown
When pigeons leave their droppings
On shoulders or one’s crown
Beware the dreaded pigeon
He’s no more than a clown
He’ll fly above poor people
And send his bird poop down
At last you want to shoot them
Or yell, “Release the hounds!”

Damn the pigeons! Damn the pigeons!

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