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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2232783
A poem about someone with a hard life before they find love.
The Healing Daisy
A poem by Kitten

Pale green eyes.
Dark curls don't lie.
A small simple daisy placed in his hair.
Put there by someone showing they care.
As days go by.
And sunsets die.
This boy goes through one million lives.

A crippled boy, broken beyond,
Only wishes someone could ever grow fond.
He takes someone he cannot have,
And they shatter his heart.
Creating two broken valves.

Stepmoms rage,
Feels like he's trapped in a cage.
Stumbling down, a scratch, a hound.
Different now with a howling sound.
Nothing feels real now,
He says to himself as he's kicked to the ground.

Then dashing blues eyes.
Hi he replies
It feels like it could be real this time,
Smiles, kisses, he's finally mine.
This is real, no more broken goodbyes.

With such care,
That special first daisy is placed in my hair.
It's real this time.
And now he's mine.
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