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For Nanoprep
Potential titles - The Pied Piper


Secrets and Lies

BMWX7 - luxury SUV with tinted windows - Lionman's ride - reg. LA 20 DZZ

Opening line - Rebecca's senses reeled as she rushed to the basin just in time. The acid smell of vomit filled the air as she clung to the edge of the vanity, waiting for her stomach to stop turning somersaults.

Jess Barnes' opening - Jess covered her ears to shut out the harsh words drifting up from below. Unfortunately, Jess knew the answers to her mother's angry questions.

Names -

Rebecca Brookes - Acting Detective Sergeant

Jane Conway - Detective Constable

Brian Lennon - Detective Inspector

Benny - PC Bennett

Vanessa Green - Medical Examiner - curly, light auburn hair - slim, fragile - bisexual

Julie Hartnett - PC

Connor Barnes - Jess's dad

Alice Barnes - Jess's mum

Steph Cole - the other woman

Markie Cole - Jess's half brother

Tambara Bakare - probationary officer - of Nigerian descent

Leonid (Leo) Oblonsky - Loan shark and people smuggler

Zain Ibrahim - refuge

Rosarita Ibrahim - refuge

Setting - City of Tidemouth

Fishing port


Market square

Shopping precinct with wine bar and sushi takeaway

2 police stations - Riverside and Box Hill

Blya, ya zastryah - Fuck, I'm stuck

durnyy svoloch - stupid bastard

vbyy tsykh chortovykh ditey - kill those fucking kids

almawmia' wal'abu dhahabuu 'iilaa aljana - mummy and daddy have gone to heaven

'iinani jayie 'ana jawean - I'm hungry
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