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A piece about how beautiful the sunset is.

Sunset Cover

When dusk comes and the sun will set
Witness the beauty, and you won't regret
The nature's transition, a magnificent view
As it goes to slumber and bids adieu.

Gulls shoot like arrows piercing through crimson skies
They leave the fields in a rush and raucous byes.
I lie on the strand and watch the shift of scene
Of nature's grandest display in a widescreen.

A calm sea casts its tiny folds
Like turning pages of stories untold.
While cold breeze brings soft caress
Tickles my feet with its gentle press.

The shining ball plunge on the line
Leaving myriad hues on its place behind
Of bloody red, vibrant orange and tint of ocher
With various colors of gold to dark umber.

A lone sailboat hastily breasts the sea
It was once was huge, now I can't see.
From afar, it vanish 'neath the thread
I wonder if it feels not a single dread.

The nature starts to pull down its curtain
One thing for sure, one thing for certain
Don't feel sad, feel not a pain,
'Cause it reveals its splendor back again.
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