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I am doing this as a 250 words challenge. Tell me what you think.I am putting it in a comp
I slowly tiptoed up the stairs. I have rarely used them as they lead to the attic, a place that I seldom go to. But I needed to. In today’s video meeting for my parents’ YouTube channel, I heard them talk about putting 2020 into a video on the channel and Mum said she had some information about it in the attic. What is so special about 2020? I’m sure it was the same as all the other years. I was feeling very curious. Suddenly, the black door leading to the attic is in front of me, the golden knob gleaming in the darkness of the night. I pulled at the knob and as I moved my hand back, the door moved gracefully with me, no noise at all. I slipped inside and closed the door, suddenly being plunged into darkness. I felt along the wall and found the switch. Turning it on, the whole room was filled with bright light. I let my eyes get used to it and stared at the many boxes piled neatly. I walked to a large clear box labelled “2020” in front of me and opened the lid. There were many things inside, from newspaper clippings about bushfires to surgical masks. Had my parents been doctors when they were my age? Near the bottom I found a thick, leather journal. I opened it to the first page. It was Mum’s. The obvious handwriting. I sat on some cushions and began reading about infamous 2020...
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