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How To #stayathome During Pandemic Covid-19
          Seven months have passed, the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended. The situation did not gradually improve, forcing the government to impose PSBB Total. When restrictions began to be implemented, many main activities had to be stopped or restricted. Activities that are usually carried out outside the home to relieve fatigue must also be stopped and it is recommended to do #stayathome.
          For many, this pandemic is likely to increase feelings of stress, anxiety and fear about a new virus affecting the economy, education, society and an unexpected future. The impact is very burdensome and causes strong emotions in a person. Many new habits to adopt, such as wearing masks, maintaining distance and quarantine make people feel isolated and lonely and can increase stress and anxiety.
          Feeling tired and bored must be unbearable. If boredom is not channeled immediately, it will interfere with mental health. There are many ways to escape from the negative effects of stress. One of them is looking for activities to stay productive even though #stayathome. Here's how to deal with stress during #stayathome.
1. Trying New Things
Take advantage of free time at #stayathome to do something new and positive. You can start new projects, sports, join organizations and so on. By doing something positive and feeling productive, you will feel less stressed.

2. Doing Hobbies
Before the pandemic, many hobbies may have stopped because of the activities we have. Now, this is the right time to get back to our hobbies. For example, cooking, playing music, and so on.

3. Take Up Your Hobby
So that the time we have is not wasted, let's channel the hobbies we have. For example, cooking. We can sell our food to the closest people and promote it through social media. So, even though #stayathome can still make money, yes!

4. Sports
On the sidelines of the pre-pandemic activity, sports are one of the activities that we rarely do. Now is the perfect time to start living a healthy life again. Although #stayathome Physical health must be maintained, yes!

5. Farming
For some people, farming is commonplace. But, what about us who are still laymen? This is a new thing to try. Besides adding new knowledge about agriculture, plants can also beautify the corners of our homes, you know!

6. Get social
Humans are social beings who cannot live alone. If forced to quarantine, mental health will be affected. We can do virtual socialization with our loved ones through various video calling applications. So, you can still hang out with friends, huh!

7. Attending Web Seminars (Webinars)
In order to keep gaining knowledge during #stayathome, we can take part in webinars held by several institutions. Besides getting knowledge, we can also make friends and get electronic certificates. So, even though #stayathome we can still study online.

          You can try the seven points above to fill your time during #stayathome. Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and we can carry out unlimited activities. Don't forget to always maintain cleanliness and health, OK!
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