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by Kit
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2232996
What I have so far of a short story that I'm writing.
The rating will change to XGC at a later date but that this time it is completely clean.

Life was hectic. Calvin couldn't remember the last time he'd had any time to himself much less time with his boyfriend of almost two years and long-time best friend, Trevor. He was a game designer for a Japanese company and Trevor was an illustrator for a New York publishing company and both of them were constantly called away from their Oklahoman home away on business trips. He found himself missing the days of their childhood, relaxing on their parents' ranches all summer, even during the school year they had time to breath, time to be, live. Even though Oklahoma City was nowhere near as busy and polluted as Tokyo or New York City he felt choked and crowded.

He supposed he could blame it on that, that he was ecstatic when his mother called and asked for he and Trevor to come home for his father's sixtieth birthday. Calvin and his father hadn't gotten along to well since he had told him he was gay and according to his mother he was still unaware that he had been dating Trevor for quite some time. He had scoffed at his mother's suggestion that he tell his father about the two of them, personally he'd like to avoid being disowned. In any case, he was excited to get out of the city and to the ranch down south from the capital. He knew convincing Trevor to take a vacation would be a difficult feat and he could only hope the other would accept this chance for them to have time together with each other a family and even better without work.

A smile came over his tanned face when he heard the door of their small house opening. It had interrupted his thoughts but he didn't mind, the sooner they had this talk the sooner they could make the needed arrangements. "Welcome home, Trev," he called from the desk where he had been sitting, mindlessly playing pyramids while he was thinking; he always had to keep his hands busy to keep his mind focused. He exited the window and ran his hand through his sandy blond hair as he then stood up.

Trevor smiled at his lover and set down his portfolio and hung his jacket in the closet. "Hey," he said, stretching his arms above his head with a tired groan, quite aware of Calvin's blue eyes, trailing over his lanky, but lithe form. "You're home early," he commented, walking over to Calvin and brushing his hands over the other's chest and to his shoulders, leaning forward to kiss him gently.

Calvin returned the soft and quick kiss, resting his hand on Trevor's side, studying his face. "I got a call from my ma today," he told Trevor, brushing black locks of hair away from his boyfriend's lightly tanned forehead. "She wants us to come home for my Pa's birthday next month," he explained quickly when he saw the flash of worry in Trevor's dark brown eyes. The last time calvin had said his mother had called it'd been to say his father had had a heart attack and was in the hospital; Calvin had been a wreck with the news. At the explanation Calvin could feel more than he could hear the slight exhale of relief.

"This is kind of short notice, Cal," Trevor said, his mind already muling over already planned meetings and engagements. "Can either of us even begin to think about taking time off?" he mused, though there was a wistfulness in his voice that clearly conveyed that Trevor wished for a break as much as Calvin.

"Don't you think our companies could live without us for a week or two?" Calvin said, though he knew it wasn't that simple, but neither of them had taken vacation or sick days since they'd started working. "We have two weeks to put in that we're taking a two week vacation. And it's not like we couldn't do some work from the ranch; my parents have DSL now," he reasoned.

Trevor sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "Well, I guess it is important to go see our families," he said and then grinned widely before continuing, "And I do miss home." He caressed the other's cheek lightly before kissing him. They both deserved the time off. All that would be left was convincing their bosses of that.


The drive down south had been a long one with Trevor doing most of the driving and Calvin was doing most of the talking. It had been surprisingly simple to get their two weeks off and Calvin's boss had even offered him more time. Apparently, the companies thought that they deserved the break as well. In any case they were now driving down the old familiar dirt road that led to Calvin's parents ranch house.

"It's good to be back," Calvin said, voice quiet as his eyes surveyed the beauty of the land before him. IN the distance he could see horses and cattle and the simply outlay of the grassy fields with the beautiful sunset of pinks, oranges and purple streaks as it's backdrop. Even living there until he was out on his own the majesty of the view never ceased to take his breath away.

"I almost forgot how gorgeous home was," Trevor murmured, glancing over at Calvin, smiling at the awed and contented expression on his face. They really should try to make more of an effort to come home more often. And since Calvin's parents had internet access now it might just be plausible both had computers and quite a bit of their work could be down on them just as well as in their offices.

A few minutes later Trevor parked in front of the large ranch house, grinning a bit at the sight of Calvin's parents near the center of the large wrap around porch. There were several other chairs and benches all around, but the two rocking chairs at the center were what was the heart of the ranch Trevor had always believed. He was still shutting off the vehicle when Calvin jumped out and all he could do was chuckle at his boyfriend's excitement.

Calvin ran up the wooden steps of the porch and straight to hug his mother who stood from her chair. "I missed you so much, Ma," he said, his arms wrapping around her sturdy frame tightly. He slowly pulled away from her and let her kiss each of his cheeks before letting him go completely.
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