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by Kit
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2232997
Kenton thinks about his home…
His stormy blue-grey eyes stared out the window, watching the droplets of water roll down the glass in slow intricate patterns. A soft sigh passed through his soft lips, closing his eyes slowly.

The view outside this window was so vastly different from the view he had known all his life. Instead of the wide-open Kansas plains there were crowded buildings and streets. Where once he could look up and see billions of bright twinkling stars, he only saw a few dull lights, blurry with the smog that weighed heavily of the Tokyo skyline.

With a sigh he finally turned away from the window, eyes traveling over the comfy chairs and the other couch scattered across the living room. A coffee table was in front of him; an arrangement of various flowers in an ornate vase adorned the center. He was happy here, but still, at times he missed the home of his past.

The sound door of the apartment opening caught the man's attention, drawing his thoughts from the musings as he glanced up. "I'm home, Kenton," the person called and Kenton smiled, listening to the shuffling, knowing the other was taking his shoes and coat off. Finally, he stood up, his footsteps making a soft padding sound on the wooden floors. "Welcome home, Shiro," Kenton said, pushing his black hair out of his eyes, looking up at his Japanese lover.

Shiro smiled down at Kenton, his black eyes sparkling. "How are you, my little butterfly?" he asked, pulling Kenton to him, tilting the other's head up with one of his fingers and pressing their lips together lovingly. The taller man finally pulled back, letting gentle fingers caress lightly over Kenton's cheek. "You should smile, my love," he chuckled, nuzzling the other.

"Why," Kenton asked, leaning into the nuzzle, resting against the taller man.

"Then I will know that you are happy," Shiro answered, running the pad of his thumb over Kenton's soft lips. "I took you away from everything you know and love…I need to know that you are happy here, Kenton."

Kenton's lips twitched into a small smile. "Shiro…you're a silly man. Just because I don't smile much doesn't mean that I'm not happy," he said gently, reaching his arms up to lock lightly around the back of Shiro's neck. "I love you. My heart is with you. My home is with you. My happiness –is- you."

Shiro chuckled and rubbed Kenton's nose with his own. "All right," he conceded, running his thumb over Kenton's lips again before kissing him. "I love you, also," he murmured.

Finally Kenton pulled away from Shiro. "Do you want me to make dinner tonight?" he asked, heading towards the small kitchen.

Shiro grabbed Kenton's arm, pulling him back. "What's wrong, Kenton?" he asked, looking deep into his eyes as he held him firmly.

Kenton looked away but finally leaned against him. “I just miss my old home sometimes…It’s so crowded and noisy here…Sometimes it just gets to me,” he admitted, looking down almost ashamed of how he felt. “I am happy here, Shiro, but sometimes I miss the open fields and star-filled skies.”

Shiro chuckled softly, brushing his long fingers through the smaller man’s hair. “Then we will go visit your home,” he said simply.

“My home is here, but I would like to visit my past,” Kenton whispered. “I love you, Shiro.”

“As I love you,” was the man’s simple answer.

THE END(or is it?)
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