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by K.HBey
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An imaginative very shy personage that missed important things in his life.


The shy

He was hidden in his cradle,
Alone in the forest full of obstacles,
Fearing wolves and pebbles,
Shame and silly,

He saw everywhere a danger,
His fear was deeper,
Even though he was bigger,
Lost completely,

He had plenty of time for waste,
He became nervous and never safe,
For people, he was the sinner and the weird,
He was guilty,

Darkness was his companion,
This solace shelter made him a champion,
No need to dare, risks and action,
He was at ease absolutely,

The light became his enemy,
But night never last for eternity,
Sparkles are born from obscurity,
Time is for truth immediately,

One day rain was pouring dogs and cats,
His shelter became bare,
The storm deported him with no care,
Within the forest that became empty,

He started again from nil,
This time he ought to feel,
He ought to dare and deal,
Never alone shy but reactive suitably.

KHBEY/The shy/ 160 words/Sept 19/2020

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