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Writer's Cramp
"You're ..." Brian stared down at his feet.

"Pregnant, the word you're searching for is pregnant, up the duff, in the family way,whatever term you put on it. There's a baby on its way."

"It's ..." He looked up briefly.

"Before you ask, yes, I'm sure it's yours." The silence said it all. He should have said 'that's great news' or 'I couldn't be happier'. Instead, he just counted the cracks in the floor tiles. What did she expect? It was a one night stand when they were both vulnerable.

Rebecca half expected him to get up and walk away. He didn't. "What do you want me to do?"

I want you to declare undying love. I want you to beg me to marry you. I want ... Rebecca didn't know what she wanted any more. She shifted uncomfortably on the hospital trolley. If only she hadn't fainted he might never have known.

"You know what this means don't you?" Rebecca looked at him expectantly. "As your boss, I've got no choice; I have to put you on restricted duties."

That's it; business as usual.

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