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Just practice
The sky was a sweet baby blue with fluffy white clouds. The sun was shining down heavenly golden light that warmed her pale skin but a chill still persisted in the air. Summer was dying and she couldint be happier for it.
"Julianne!" She turned around to see Alisia running towards her, clumsily holding up her skirts, She had run ahead on the forest path and reached the clearing to see all the beautiful wild flowers shrubs, but now shes appreciating a beauty of a completely different kind.
That was until her foot got stuck in a hole and with a squeak she tumbled forward. Julianne couldn't help herself and started laughing uncontrollably, Alisia didnt find it as funny.
"How you get around in those heels ill never know." She said as she caught up to her, her tone was one of annoyance, but the softness of her eyes said otherwise.
"Nothing but good practice my dear." Seemingly high on the euphoria of being outside she embraced her companion still laughing. She felt at peace as she hugged her closer, the soft silks of her dress and the gentle scent of flowers.
"I missed you." She said. "All those summer months alone only made my heart soften for you."
Alisia squeezed her back "I missed you to, everytime i leave you a great pain overtakes my heart."
"Then dont leave me."
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