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Rated: ASR · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2233067
A little bit more of Peck and Amare are shown. Enjoy chapter four!!!
Eye Saved A Life

Screams erupted from around me.

My head felt like it was gonna explode. I had covered my ears but something in my head was making it a million times worse. Pugna just laughed as someone was kicked in the gut.

I felt like throwing up. I did throw up.

“That’s gonna stain,” said Pugna, laughing.

“You’re…” I stopped and threw up again. “Evil.”

He grabbed someone’s hair and dragged them in front of me.

“T- t -tuna?”

My brain didn’t work. I didn’t remember who it was or why I should care. I screamed out in pain as hundreds of metaphorical daggers pierced my eyes. I was going to throw up but there was nothing left in me.

“Migraine.” Pugna scoffed. “Couldn’t be a worse time to get one.”


“Oh.” Pugna’s eyes lit up with fear.

The black energy began to envelop me again. Nausea began to fade but then,

‘RAAAAAAAAA GGGGG!!!’ The spirit in my body roared.

“AAAAAAAAA GGGGGG!!!” I screamed again and collapsed.

The girl had sat there watching me in horror and sadness.

My life flashed before my eyes and I slowly slipped into the cold, dark place in my mind.

“Hello Tuna.” A short woman with dark skin and a short scar under her eyebrow stood before me.


“I am the Holy Spirit.”

“Uh? Like the deer spirit?”

“Yes. My true form is deer.”

“Cool. Why did I just feel like I was about to die?”

“I’m sorry. I have a bright spirit and I forgot that Peculiari doesn’t like that.”

“Who even is Peculiari, exactly?”

“Peck you can come out now.”

A giant black dragon flew out from behind me.


“I advise you to not finish that sentence.”

“Sorry. How have I not passed out yet?”

“We’re in your consciousness.”

“Ok, why’d you bring me here?”

“You must be informed of the prophecy.”

“What prophecy?”

“The one that has decided your fate up until this point. You made your choices but what happened to you happened for a reason.”

“And the reason I am your animal spirit.”

“Is this a regular occurrence? You being someone’s spirit.”

The two spirits looked at each other.

“This is the first time.”

“Since 2 millennia ago, one, no less both, of the second most powerful spirits have inherited human bodies.”

“Okay then…”

“We don’t have much time before your time freeze wears off.”

The Holy Spirit’s eyes glowed a deep emerald green.

“As the hero takes his mighty leap,
The bringer of the day shall come to weep.
The firey doom waits below,
And onto the next life, the spirit shall go.
No trace of the last though he is the past,
He shall have a new body but with the same cast.
Day and Night unite to form one,
Then the universe will finally be done.”

“What does it mean?”

“We do not know. You will figure it out. We must go now.”


It was in vain. The vision faded and I was back on the floor collapsed. The exact millisecond I had passed out.

Time unfroze.

“You must die.” said Pugna.

“Pugna!!! Don’t kill him!”

That’s when I recognized the girl. It was Amare but I’m guessing you already knew that.

“Shut up!” He smacked her across the face.

He turned back around and jumped.

“That was dumb of you,” I growled.

“I- I-”

I punched him across the face. He just laughed and stumbled back. I slammed his chin up with a massive uppercut and he collapsed on the ground and got back up.

“Ha! For a ‘hero’ you don’t pack much of a punch.”

“Pugna we don’t have to fight!”

“You’re right.”

“So then stop-”

My still black eyes got another hit which they didn’t seem to like. I blacked out.

* * *
I woke up to Amare’s whimpering.

“A- Amare? Are you okay?”


I took a step back.


“You disappear, you come back like this, and expect me to be okay with that!”


“And then you have the AUDACITY to ask me if I’m okay after the whole village was just killed!” She screamed at me.

I didn’t even look back, I just ran. Tears streamed down my face.

“Tuna!” She was choked up too. I wanted to comfort her but I was too ashamed. “Tuna! Don’t do this to me again!”

I ran until I was in the Tutum forest.

“I HATE YOU!” A punch flew out of nowhere and grazed my cheek.

“How did you get here?”

“I don’t know but, I just want to KILL YOU!”

She tackled me and we lay on the ground winded until she pushed me off and stood up.

She tried to hit me again but instead of parrying I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her in, and kissed her.
She pulled me in closer and the world seemed to revolve around us. She smelled of mud and sweat but the faint blueberry scent was still there. I stayed there with her.

“Even with two black eyes you still know how to sweep me off my feet.”

“It’s my specialty,” I said grinning.

Then she fell over, still awake.

“Pugna poisoned me. He gave me the cure’s recipe and said, ‘This will make him weaker’”

“Where’s the recipe?” I said frantically.

“Here.” She reached into her pocket and tried to hand it to me but her arm went limp.

The sheet of paper said,
“The right eye of the moon,
The strand of hair from the sun,
A vial of water.

Mix for the cure. - Pugna.”

“Do you have a vial of water?” I asked.

“I do. But it’s from Deck’s house.”

“Whatever.” I grabbed the vial and yanked a beautiful curl from Amare’s head.


I put the hair in the vial then set it down on the ground. I grabbed my knife.

I’m not going to tell you this part because you know what’s gonna happen but I can tell you there was a lot of screaming from both of us. We mixed it together and I was able to cure her.

“Tuna. I gotta go to the bathroom.”


She left and I tried to sleep but the voice was calling me.

“I must speak with you.”

“Dude. I just got my butt whooped and cut out my eye in front of my girlfriend. Let me sleep.”

“It is about how your decision will affect you.”

“Which one?”

“Your eye.”

“Yeah. What about it?”

“Pugna made a mistake.”

“No kidding.”

“No. It could’ve been either eye. But he wrote the wrong one. The loss of your right eye will make you stronger. But the loss of your left eye would significantly affect your ability to reach the Noctis State.”

“And why is that?”

“The right eye is for the future as it is to see what is right in front of you. The left eye is for the past, to see what is left behind.”

“I like what you did there. Very philosophical-ly”

“The loss of your right eye cuts out a big part of the future from within you. Allowing the past to grow and form.”

“So I get stronger? Does that mean I can beat Mortem now?”

“No child. Mortem is the crow spirit.”

“The bringer of death.”

“Yes. Your body can not handle my true power until you have been through rigorous training.”

“Tuna? Are you there?”

“I must go. Good night young one.”

“Yeah, Amare. I’m here.”

She felt her way over to me.
I reached for her arm and pulled her in close.

“Dance with me.” She said.

“But there’s no music.”

“Dance with me, Tuna.” She said and kicked me in the shins.

“Fine! That hurt.”

She put her hands on my shoulders and mine on her waist. We stood there, drinking in the fact we were still alive and together.


“Dance, Tuna.”

I started to sway and move and we danced for a while. She had put her head on my chest and we just danced.
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