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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Comedy · #2233086
Comedy poem
I went shopping in Walmart the other day
and you’ll never guess who I saw?
T’was the King, Elvis Presley,
manning the till at checkout four.

He scanned and beeped my groceries,
bagged them too without much fuss.
I said, “I like your jumpsuit”.
He said, “Thank you, thank you very much.”

I said “So you're not dead, you've just been in hiding?”
He said “Yessir, 40 years old told.”
I said “Wow. And you're working in Walmart?”
He said “Well its much better than a cold…

and grey Chicago morn…GODDAMIT!
I gotta stop doing that.” He muttered.
“I’m not a singer no more, I’m a retail man.
Uhh, we gotta special on jelly and Peanut butter”.

I heard a low growl behind me
that said “I’m glad y’all getting along just fine.
But a little less conversation please,
other people gotta walk this here line.”

I apologised and introduced myself,
The Man in Black replied “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”
But before we could talk any further,
we heard an almighty crash.

Rivers of glass and Jack Daniels,
had fallen with a force from heaven.
Quick as you like, Elvis picked up the Mic
“Clean up required in uhh aisle seven.”

Elvis paused as memories came flooding,
and the mic found its home by his lips.
For a moment almost a Karate chop windmill,
for a moment almost a swivel of hips.

For a moment I heard the girls shrieking,
for a moment almost a bend of his legs.
For a moment I was in the land of cotton,
for a moment a cape and a flag.

For a moment the decades had melted,
for a moment the King was re-crowned.
But a moment is never momentous,
if in old glories is where it is found.

Johnny stepped forward to offer reassurance,
And said to Elvis “Now you be careful there boy.
You know you walked away from fame and fortune,
because at the end it never brung you no joy.”

Elvis nodded his head in resignation,
And put the mic way down below.
“I know you’re right what you say friend Johnny,
But it would’ve been nice to do one final show.”

I said my goodbyes to Johnny and Elvis,
but as I left I bumped into Abe Lincoln.
That’s when it suddenly dawned on me:
Breakfast ain’t a good time to start drinking!
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