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by Vanden
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2233088
Summer gives Setto the ride of his life.
Setto sat in his brown recliner, completely unworried and knowing that he had a good life. He had everything: a fine house, a gorgeous girlfriend who loved and supported him, and the best job he could ask for. Working as an artist, he could make money drawing whatever he wanted.

What Setto didn’t know was that this was all about to change. All it took was one little mistake and one terrible rumor.

Setto heard a car door slam. Knowing that it could only be his loving girlfriend coming home from a rough day at the office and being constantly dogged by her very rude, and massively busty boss. He could hear her flats trudge along the gravel driveway, making her footsteps sound louder and louder. He could also tell that she had a bit of drag in her step, as if she was hesitant to continue on. He then heard the front glass door open and then he heard the knob of the main door creek open, letting in a bit of hot air from the outside world.

“Setto, I’m home. I bought you a drink on my way home from work. God damn, it’s so hot out there. My clothes are literally drenched in sweat.”

She walked into the living room in her black suit—the one that showed off her nice, plump butt and her massive hips. Summer moved her right foot over to her left sneaker and pushed down on the back, releasing the smell of sweat and foot. Each fiber of her new black socks were drenched in her salty, liquids. She did the same with the other shoe. She picked them up and held her breath as she brought them to the side of the door, readying them for use later. She then walked over to Setto’s recliner, pulling the clear bottle from the plastic shopping bag and placing it down on the table so that the plastic label made a small but distinct creak.

Setto sniffed the air, taking in the rancid scent of his girlfriend’s skin as he put down the foot rest of the chair and got up to give his beloved a kiss.

“Welcome home,” he smiled. “How about you go take shower and I’ll start making dinner? “

“Okay, how about Quesadillas with refried beans?”

“Coming right up babe.”

Summer had heard some unsavory things from her friends at work about Setto. They supposedly saw him hanging out with another woman and they seemed to be getting a little too comfortable at the nearby cafe. As Summer walked down the hall to the bathroom, a smile appeared upon her lips, knowing that Setto was in for a big night.

Setto made his way into the kitchen, bringing the bottle of water with him. He unscrewed the cap and took a snip before he began preparing dinner. As he placed the taco wraps in pan, his skin begin to heat up. His throat dried out. Thinking that it was just the heat from the stove, he turned it off and grabbed the bottle of water again. This time, he drank every last drop, sealing his fate without even knowing it.

As he finished, he grew lightheaded and the heat intensified until it became too much and he passed out, hitting the floor with a bang. His body slowly grew smaller and smaller, each piece of clothing becoming heavier with each moment until finally it covered him like a massive circus tent, making it hard to tell that anything was under them.

Summer heard the bang from the bathroom. She knew that her boyfriend had stupidly drunk the water, not knowing that he had put a little something in it to make him much more manageable. Summer threw on a yellow tank top and a pair of black bike shorts, and then she ripped off her smelly socks, throwing them down onto the bed with an audible slap as they hit the fabric. She knew that she may need them for later. She then walked out of the bedroom and down the hall, noticing that hardwood floor felt so cool on her, tired, sweaty feet. She made her way to the kitchen.

“Setto didn’t even finish making dinner,” she smirked. She then looked down on the ground, seeing his clothes in a pile on the floor knowing that he would have to be at least 3 inches by now, according to her friend. Summer got down on one knee and pick up the shirt, slowly lifting it until it was high enough for something small to drop out of its folds. Her action-figure-sized boyfriend lay in the middle of his size 36 jeans, curled up like a baby.

“Aww, he looks so peaceful. Maybe I shouldn’t wake up. Hmm...naaahhh...’

Summer grabbed the pants and lifted them up high into the sky, causing Setto to quickly roll down to the hard linoleum floor. Setto woke up immediately. He then looked up and a terrified look slowly appeared on his face.

All he could see was the massive leg of his 6 foot tall girlfriend as it towered over him like the Empire State Building. His gaze moved up her massive thighs to her slim stomach and finally stopped at her mountain sized breasts which blocking out the kitchen light like a solar eclipse. Setto couldn’t believe what he was seeing because he had only read about this kind of scenario in books. He dug his nails into his skin, trying to wake himself up, but to no avail. Reality to hit him like a truck.

Summer giggled as she watched Setto’s reaction, causing quakes to spread through the air and hurting Setto’s ears. She slowly fell to her knees so that she could get a better look at the face of her miniature boyfriend, loving every minute. As her knees hit the ground, a massive gust of wind launched the dust below her to at Setto like a sandstorm, followed by a massive earth quake that knocked him on his butt.

“Why do you look so scared down there? It’s still me. Your big, busty, sexy girlfriend who you would never cheat on. Right? Wrong!! Mary just told me back at work that she saw you with some girl, hugging her and flirting. So what do you have to say for yourself, little man.”

“W-what do you mean? Y-you mean my friend from school? The one that I told you I hadn’t seen in years?”

“Friend? Really, that's your best excuse, that she was just a friend? Why did you kiss her and why didn’t you tell me you saw her that day?”

“Because I forgot, and I didn’t know that she was gonna be there until she walked over to me.”

“That's still not a very believable story. I figured I’d take Mary up on her idea when she suggested I shrink you and give you one hell of a night. I hope you're prepared, bug, because I’m gonna make sure you suffer.”

She grabbed Setto’s mid section between her thumb and forefinger, lifting him up so that he was directly in front of her billboard sized face as her eyes took in every centimeter of his miniscule body. Summer licked her massive lips, thinking about everything she could do to him, from placing him in her sweaty socks as she went for her after dinner run, to eating him with her dinner. She decided upon just torturing him in her socks, knowing that she could just wear her smelly socks from earlier while crushing his tiny bones under each toe as she wore her much smellier running shoes that she never washed. She began to walk back to their room, getting a little wet with each step, taking the time to walk slower so that she could savor the time that it would take to get to the room.

She finally reached the room. Staring down at the now dry, musky socks as they lay flat on the bed, she proceeded to walk over, scrunching up her toes with each step pretending the carpet fibers were tinier versions of Setto. When she reached the bed, she didn't hesitate to grab one of her scent obliterating, lint covered socks. She held it in front of Setto, in her other hand, to show him how bad his night was really gonna, get especially after dinner, and so Summer brought her massive hand over the opening of the sock, which was letting out one of the worst smells possible. She moved her hand down so that it create a slick slide into the giant hole.

Setto tried to grab onto any of the tiny lines on her hand, but it was no use as he felt himself quickly freefall down into the giant mist of stink that now surrounded him as he banged against each wall of fabric, feeling sweat hit his face each time. Setto finally reached the sweat flooded bottom of the work sock. This caused an audible splash to occur, causing Setto to become even more soaked than before. His skin was saturated by the smell of his girlfriend’s long workday. He felt his sock prison being dropped into her left sneaker, which caused the smell to become more intense than before.

After Summer placed her socks in her shoes she walked back to the kitchen to finish making dinner. She got a little giddy about the fun she was going to have destroying Setto. When she reached the kitchen, Setto could hear her continuing where he left off, not knowing that his giant girlfriend had just added a little something extra to her dinner just for him: laxatives. She finished making herself a few of the quesadillas. Summer wished that she had a few more Settos so that she could put them inside the quesadillas and eat them but, sadly, she didn’t think of that until no. Still, she already has something much worse planned.

So, Summer sat down at the table and cut the first quesadilla in half. She savored the taste of the cheese and soft tortilla wrap as she chewed it into mush She did this slowly each time to enjoy her meal and so she could let Setto stew in her sweat as long as possible. After swallowing the last bite of her quesadilla, she reached over and gripped the soda that she poured and took a quick sip to wash down the last of her explosive meal. She scooted her chair back and stood up, grabbing her plate and walking it over to the sink. She then walked back to her room, rubbing her stomach as she felt how full she was after that wonderful meal. At this point, she was definitely ready for dessert, and so she raced down the hallway, heart racing, until she reached the doorway looking upon the little lump in her sock, still moving.

“Honey, I’m back, and I’m ready to have some fun.”

She walked over and grabbed the sock, sitting down on the bed, the springs creaking under the weight of her massive butt. She brought the sock to her face, giving it one last whiff, and retching at the smell before looking down the hole. She saw her tiny ex still trying to find a way out. In response to this sight, she decided to purse her lips, causing a small bubble of spit to slip out and drop down into the wide opening of the sock, hitting Setto's head. She then moved the sock down to her long toes, slowly slipping the fabric over them, taking in the feel of the cold, wet fabric as it hit her toes, moving them up until it covered her entire foot, her dirty toes rubbing up against Setto’s tiny body, making him a bit hard. She could feel his tiny bulge as it hit her pinky toe. It brought a smile to her face as she realized he might actually be enjoying this a bit more than she thought he would.

Summer scrunched her toes around his body, pushing his boner harder as she rolled up the rest of her sock before placing her foot down on the floor. She proceeded to do the same for the other sock before lifting herself back to her feet, putting most of her weight on the foot that laid on top of Setto. Summer enjoyed the fact that his small, squishy body lay under her normal sized foot. The rush of ecstasy was so potent because of the power she had over him: knowing that if she made one wrong move she could kill him with ease. She slipped her foot into her dirty white workout sneakers, blocking out all the light that Setto might have had inside the sock, but also causing the smell to become ten times worse now that he was stuck between three of the smelliest things you could find on a person.

Setto couldn’t keep his eyes open knowing that the smell might destroy his eyesight. A drop of sweat could drop on him, burning his eyes due to the salt. He could feel the pressure of her foot on his stomach, making it hard for him to breathe as she began to walk. With each raise of her foot came a hard drop as she performed one of the simplest of tasks.

Summer walked down the hall to the fridge, where she grabbed her bottle of water. She made her way to the door and walked out, slamming her foot down one time just to make sure Setto was still awake. This forced Setto to release all the air in his lungs. Setto struggled to regain his breath, having trouble due to the musky air that surrounded him in his prison, Summer then began to walk down the hard stone path. Each footfall acted like a massive hammer on Setto’s stomach. She then began to run, letting nothing stop her as she felt Setto struggling under her toes, knowing that it must be hell down there for him.

After five minutes, her shoes began to heat up from a combination of the hot evening air and the bodybody she was giving off with each stride. This caused her feet to sweat, making the smell of sweat and body odor grow stronger, causing Setto to pass out from the massive heat wave mixed with the lack of fresh air. Summer finally decided to take a break after finishing her fourth lap around the block, sitting down on a nearby bench, she then uncapped her water, bringing sweat relief to her body. She then started thinking about Setto, who had to be in a lot of pain at this point, she noticed that he’d stopped moving during her run so she kicked up her right foot, causing Setto to hit his head on the fabric. Setto then opened eyes, surprised that he was still alive after what he’d suffered so far. He realized that his tongue was dry. He tried to lick his lips. This allowed some of Summer's sweat to slip into his mouth, causing him to gag at the taste of salt and grime as it hit his tongue.

Setto knew that if he stayed where he was he would be doomed, so he stared to wiggle, trying to get Summer to remove her toes from his body. However, this caused her instead to clench her toes, crushing Setto’s right arm, causing him to cry out in pain and forcing him to realize Summer was never going to let him go unless he was dead. After 10 minutes of rest, Summer got back to her feet, again putting pressure on Setto’s body. She resumed her run, starting with a jog, which soon turned into a full on run. She felt Setto struggle a bit under her foot, making her giggle as she realized that he was little more than a bug stuck in her shoe, waiting for her to finally end her run and let him out. She also could feel her meal churning in her stomach. signaling that her little surprise was almost She cut today's run short. This didn't really bother her because she knew she wanted to end Setto's life in the grossest way possible.

Summer raced back to the house, making her way to the bedroom as she felt her bowels erupt into a massive fart that smelled of eggs and rotten cheese. She gagged at the smell as it hit her nose.

“Oh my God that smells so rank. Which means you're about to have the worst night of your life, little one.”

As she finished this sentence, she slammed her foot down, causing her big toe to crush Setto’s right arm, leaving him unable to defend himself at all. Summer jumped and landed on the bed, quickly ripping off her shoes and moving her fingers to the toe of her sock, feeling the mixture of blood and sweat as it dripped out of her sock. Next, she grabbed the sopping wet tip of her sock and began to peel it off her toes, which where still latched onto Setto’s battered body. She took her time, knowing that Setto was close to death, and she only wanted to make it worse for him as the sweat dripped onto his open wounds causing them to sting as if he was being burned alive.

When the sock hit the back of her foot she ripped it off and threw it into the hamper. Summer moved her legs up to the bed, crossing them so that the bottom of her foot was facing her. She then loosened the grip of her toes, letting Setto’s body fall to the bed fellow, looking on and watching as he waited for embrace of death to take him. She grabbed his body, shaking him as to make sure he didn’t die that quickly. Summer had one more trick up her sleeve, letting out another massive fart that caused Setto’s eyes to water. He tried not to throw up, but the urge was to great and he let it all out onto her leg.

“Are you fucking kidding me, you gross little bastard? What gives you the right to throw up on my leg like that!! I was planning on going easy on you, but now I think I’m going to make your death a lot slower!”

Summer threw his body back on the bed, causing him to scream out in pain as his back hit the bed at full speed. Luckily, the bed also absorbed a lot of the impact thanks to the comforter that covered the entire thing. Summer rose to her feet and turned around. Her face now looked like that of a malevolent god ready to destroy a planet for its lack of piety. She pursed her lips, letting slip a massive glob of saliva that crashed down onto Setto like a wet, slimy, meteor. This covered Setto’s entire body, causing him to almost drown as his body was now completely glued to the blanket, unable to move or shield his eyes from the saliva that lathered his face. Summer then turned back around, her butt rising up in the air like two moons ready to obliterate Setto’s puny body. She then pulled down her shorts and panties, letting them slip down her legs, and hit the floor, causing a small windstorm below her. She then began to bend her knees, bringing her butt down a bit so that her cheeks parted revealing her massive brown eye as it winked at Setto, getting ready to jump down onto the bed for one big butt slam.

She then let out another massive fart before launching into the air and putting all her weight into the landing. The bed around Setto sagged like a giant crater as Setto launched in between her giant globes. He slammed straight into her closed butthole, forcibly kissing it. Setto began to tear up as the smell permeated his body, filling every pore. He tried squirming, but the best he could do was kick his legs, which signaled to Summer that he victim was still alive and not splattered onto her butt cheek like the tiny bug he was.

Summer groaned, digging deep into her bowls until she found what she wanted. Summer let out a massive, eardrum shattering cloud of gas, that blew Setto out her butt and out to the bedroom wall, killing him instantly as his body splattered against the wall. He looked almost like a small red paint stain. Summer turned around, coughing at the explosive scent that came from her ass. She looked at the wall and saw what was left of her cheating ex, feeling a bit sad that he didn’t last longer. However, she laughed it off, knowing that he couldn’t hurt her or any other woman now.

She grabbed one of her socks from the hamper and wiped up what was left of Setto, mixing him forever with her sweat and smell before bringing the sock up to her nose and blowing a big gross booger into his remains. She balled up the sock, smearing the mixture of snot, sweat and Setto together before throwing the sock back into the hamper and dumping the rest of her clothes on top of it, burying it deep before walking to the bathroom. She needed to void the rest of her gas inducing dinner and take a shower before going to bed.

Summer lay down on the bed. She had just taken a massive dump, and she had showered away all of the filth and the sweat of a long days’ work. She felt clean again, and as she lay on the unmade bed she quickly drifted off to sleep, dreaming about what she had just done. In her dream, she saw Setto lying on the floor, dripping with her foot sweat and caked in filth from her sock. He was gagging on the scent of her gas, which even now was blasting out of her firm, smooth bottom. Each trumpet blast caused Setto to retch and gag as she struggled to crawl away.

Summer gently folded her legs around him like a wall. He saw his avenue of escape close off, but he still kept pitifully crawling, nursing his broken arm and coughing. His coughs sounded so tiny, almost like little squeaks. The helpless squeaking and that pitiful gait were so powerful that Summer’s hand slowly started drifting towards her crotch. Even in her sleep, Summer could help but be aroused.

She dreamed of laying her dirty, calloused foot in front of him, forcing him to crawl around it, and then moving it in front of him again. She could see the odor wafting off of it and she could see him gagging at the sight of the flaking, cracked skin. She tormented him, poking him with her toes, smearing her sweat all over him, and pinching him between her smelly, stubby toes. Summer rubbed her clit more vigorously as he tried to get away, watching as the strength bled out of him as his squeaks faded away. Soon, he lay him in her toes, barely breathing, but unable to move any longer.

Now came the moment she had been waiting for—what she had cheated herself out of in real life. She placed his limp body on the floor.

Summer began rubbing harder.

She put her heel on the floor, and perched the rest of her foot over him.

Summer began to moan.

Then she slowly put her foot down, rolling over him like a steamroller, hearing one final, pathetic squeak before it was drown out by the sound fo crunching and popping, and finally one big, red SPLAT!

Summer let out a moan so loud that she woke herself up.

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