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To gazing millions of light-years into the future...
I wish to write him invisible letters, whispering the same gestures which were whispered that night...... 26 years ago. That soulful winter night when the both of us had met for the very first time, the innocence in our eyes reflected in our smiles... so pure. Every single thing exchanged since that moment has always been a surprising ease.... well, was until. . . . ...

We shunned ourselves from the possibility of us when a certain one of us realized it was always supposed to be temporary. We gave this feeling a whole new meaning, a whole new word - Endearment.

I have taken in every ounce of the months that turned into years and years into decades, but our "endearment" is still not feeble. Or are we struggling to just keep our promises? Who can tell after all these years?

A brittle voice calls me as I am about to sip my third cup of chai that afternoon. Since it has been 11 years we haven't seen each other smile, we decide to meet. It's new, it feels tense.....and then there's that moment when we look at each other. In that moment, all those feelings we had buried deep inside us, can be felt... wanting to break free.

The longingness erodes as the rust did from the gusty bars and wishes to culminate back into one soul, and I no longer want to let that person go, I want to hold on till our conversations disintegrate into pauses.

BUT.... but that is when the realization hits me.

"He is immortalized, he lives in my poems & the stories I would tell over dinner tables when I am all worn-out and wrinkly. In my eternity, he will remain immortalized as my far-fetched love"
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