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Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Sci-fi · #2233171
The opening teaser scene from a spec teleplay of THE MANDALORIAN

"Episode 201"




The RAZOR CREST glides silently through the milky blue and white swirls of hyperspace.


DIN DJARIN, The Mandalorian, pilots his ship and casts a quick glance down at the scopes on his dashboard. He turns toward the co-pilot seat to his right, where THE CHILD sits, watching him attentively.


This should be quick. I can
         leave you on the ship if you
         promise not to touch anything.

The Child cocks his head, blinks, reaches out, and presses a button on the control panel in front of him. The ship SHUDDERS.


         I didn't think so.

The Mandalorian flips a switch, then pulls back on the hyperdrive throttle lever, bringing the ship out of hyperspace. They have arrived at...


The lush, verdant planet is a glittering orb of green and blue.


The Razor Crest soars downward over a large, glassy lake, rippling the water as it descends.


The ship lands gently at the edge of a thick, tree-laden forest. A landing ramp slowly flips open as the twin engines power down.

In full armor with his Amban rifle strapped to his back, The Mandalorian strides down the ramp. The Child follows behind in his floating crib.

Djarin takes a few steps and stops to survey his surroundings. He glances left, forward, and right, then draws a scanner from his belt. He raises this and the silence of the forest is broken with a piercing BLAST from a DLT-19 Heavy Blaster.


A red bolt strikes The Mandalorian in the chest.

Djarin is blasted off his feet, landing flat on his back with a THUD. A shadowy figure drops down from a nearby tree branch. Wearing heavy plated battle armor over most of his body, with a ragged turban atop his scarred head, is DENGAR, a notorious bounty hunter.

The Mandalorian taps a button on his vambrace and the lid of The Child's hovering crib SNAPS shut. Djarin raises himself to a sitting position. Dengar levels his rifle at the Mandalorian and FIRES again. Djarin rolls out of the way as the blaster bolt just misses his head.

Djarin raises his arm, aims it at the crib, and FIRES a net at it. The net encases the crib. Djarin yanks on the attached rope, rises to his feet, then winds up and flings the crib away from the fracas, detaching the attached rope from his arm. The crib spins and drifts off into a thicket of soft greenery.

The Mandalorian draws his blaster pistol and turns his attention to Dengar, quickly squeezing off a pair of SHOTS. This disrupts Dengar's aim, sending him into a forward roll as he dodges the blasts. He rises, shoulders his rifle, draws a dagger-like fire blade from his belt, and charges at his prey.

Djarin fires again, just missing. Dengar sprints, closing the distance between them, and swings the short blade at The Mandalorian's head.

Djarin ducks under the swing and kicks Dengar in the stomach, sending him sprawling backwards with a guttural "OOF." As The Mandalorian levels his blaster for a killshot, Dengar grabs a small grenade from his belt and detonates it with a click of his thumb, emitting a HISSING cloud of smoke. The Mandalorian fires blindly into the cloud, completely unable to see his target. As smoke engulfs them, Dengar tackles Djarin, sending them both crashing to the ground. They roll around, their punches and strikes mostly obscured by the billowing smoke.

Behind the grappling pair, two more figures arrive at the edge of the forest. These fellow hunters in Dengar's gang are EMBO, an imposing, glowing-eyed Kyuoz with a a large-brimmed armored hat and JEETA, a lithe, female Rodian. They spread apart, nodding at each other and raising their blasters as they begin to flank their target.

Still fighting blind, Djarin raises his arm and his flamethrower ERUPTS into the dissipating smoke in front of him. Dengar's turban catches fire, the flames glowing through the smoke. He swings his blade wildly, then SCREAMS and sprints toward a nearby brook, launching himself into it to extinguish the flames.

The Mandalorian pauses to catch his breath. Before he can even compose himself, a pair of blaster shots RING out from behind him. He whirls to face them, but the shots come nowhere near hitting him, thudding wildly into nearby trees.

He looks and sees Embo and Jeeta with their weapons trained on him...but they are unable to fire, frozen in place where they stand. They slowly levitate fifty meters in the air, completely unable to move.

The Child stands at the edge of the clearing, with one arm raised in the air, pointing in the general direction of the would-be assassins. He looks at them, blinks, then gives The Mandalorian a wide-eyed stare.


         Thanks. You can let them go.

The Child does just that, releasing his Force-grip on the pair. They plummet to the ground with a pair of bone-rattling THUDS. They land hard and lie motionless. Djarin strides right between them, returning to The Child's side. They exit the forest together.


Dengar is alive, but his scarred face is even worse for wear now. He rips off the singed turban and barks into a com.


         He got away. But he's here,
         all right. With The Child.


Din and The Child make their way on foot toward a towering, ancient stone castle past the adjacent lake. The entry courtyard is filled with a vast array of flags and pennants representing all manner of species, clans, and worlds. They pass a lumbering SECURITY DROID that pays them no mind and arrive at a tall, thick door. They enter.

Maz Kanata's castle is a safe haven for all manner of galactic travelers. Humans and aliens, smugglers and merchants, ex-soldiers and innocent civilians are all welome here. A band PLAYS near the entrance. Patrons eat and drink and gamble and exchange stories. The air is ripe with the aromas of smoked meats and exotic beverages, and a cacophony of voices and tongues provide endless background chatter.

The Mandalorian scans his surroundings as he steps in. MAZ KANATA, the tiny, wizened, centuries-old alien proprietor of the establishment, spots him before he even looks her way.

          You look well, Mandalorian.
          I like the new pauldron.

Din strides over to her, where she clears glasses and plates from an empty table, stacking them on a small, round tray.

          Hey Maz. It's been a long time.
          A little tougher to get in here
          than last time I visited.

Her tray full, she hefts it off the table and crosses past him toward the bar.

          Did you expect anything less?
          Half the galaxy is looking for
          your little friend.

She sets the tray down beside a sink, turns, adjust her huge goggles, focuses them, and takes a look at The Child.

          MAZ (CONT'D)
                             He looks hungry. Would you like
                             something to eat, little one?

The Child blinks, the hint of a smile crossing his face. Maz exits the bar area and heads toward some skewered meats and pots of liquid bubbling over open flames. She begins to set up a plate, pulling legs off a small, skewered avian creature, then ladling broth into a bowl.

                             I need your help, Maz. I don't
                             know what you've heard, but he...
                             He's special.

                             I know.

                             You know?

                             I've heard enough stories. And I
          have seen his kind before.

                             So do you know...what he is? Or where
          He comes from? Because he does
                             things that I cannot understand.
                             He has saved my life. More than once.
                             And sometimes I don't even think
                             he knows what he's doing. I have never
                             seen power like his. I need someone
                             that has. Someone to help him.

They follow her to a secluded corner table. She sets down a plate for The Child, who climbs up into a chair and voraciously attacks a grilled drumstick.

                             And you think I can help you with
                             this? With these powers?

                             No. But I'm sure you know someone
                             who can. And where to find them.

                             That much is true, my friend.

                             Good. Just tell me who and where.
                             I'll get him out of here before
                             we cause you any more trouble.

                             She's here. She's been waiting
          for you.

The Child drops a bare bone onto his plate, blinks, and takes a big pull from the bowl of broth. The Mandalorian's stare at Maz is so focused, so intent, that we can practically read his face through his helmet. The only evidence of his surprise is a slight tilt of his head.


Din Djarin slowly strides into a darker, quieter room tucked away down a dank passage deeper inside the castle. A lone, hooded figure sits at a small table at the back of the room. She sits with her back to the wall, able to survey everything in front of her. Motionless in a chair, her posture exudes the confidence of a coiled snake. Only her eyes move as she tracks The Mandalorian's entrance. He slowly pulls out the chair across from her and sits down. She takes a sip from her drink.

          Thank you for seeing me.
          I don't know who you are,
          but Maz says that you can
          help me. That you can help
          The Child.

Former Jedi AHSOKA TANO slowly lowers her hood to reveal her face.

          I can. And I will.


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