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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
The New Apartment

“Don’t open the door.”

“Why not? It’s too hot in here. Did you get a cat?”


“Well then open the door it’s stuffy in here. You aren’t getting any fresh air. At least you’d get some fresh air from the hall windows, they all face east.”

“No! Not yet. I’ll check in a minute.”

“Check what? Something out in the hall? Is there a really cute guy living here that you haven’t told me about? What’s he look like?

“It’s not a cute guy.”

“A creepy guy? That’s not right. You need to complain to the manager!”

“That’s not it either, will you just hold on a second. And don’t open the door!”

“Fine! Be mysterious! I’ll just stand here and wait. I am not leaving until you open this door!”

“Fine, open the door.”

There was a woosh of wind, and sparkles flew all over the carpet as the door slammed back shut.

“What was that?!”

“My imaginary horse!”

“He lives with you?”

“Of course. Don’t you have any imaginary pets Sandra? Sandra? SANDRA!”

Sandra bolted awake. “What!”

“You fell asleep! Help me move this sofa. Don’t you just love my new apartment!”

“Yeah,” Sandra said, standing up. Suddenly she noticed sparkles falling off her clothes and the sofa. “Ah, I have to go. I think I’m over tired. I’ll help you tomorrow,” and off she went.

“That was odd,” Jeannie said, then she looked at the sofa, “Oh Fluffy! You shed all over the sofa!” The sparkles disappeared immediately.

“Sorry, why did you call me imaginary?”

“If she remembers tomorrow, she’ll think it was a dream, if I told her you were real, I’d probably lose another friend.”

“It’s hard to be magic in a non-magic world isn’t it.”

“Well, you would know, you’re a unicorn.”

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