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*Dribble piece about two friends who caved to their desires in an empty office hallway...*

My back was against the wall, and he was so close. Placing both hands on either side of my head, Russell pressed himself against me, and I could feel his hard cock press against my stomach. Why did I find this so hot, I thought.

"Think someone likes what she's feeling," he purred into my ear. I could feel my face flush instantly. My eyes averted his heated gaze, and I desperately tried to think of anything else besides his hard cock pressed into me.

"I'm didn't say that!" I snapped back at him. But it was too late...my body gave me away. Thank god he couldn't feel just how wet I was getting between my legs. I needed to get this back under control. But it was going to be an uphill battle.

"You didn't have to say anything. Sophie, I can feel your trembling. Also, remember to breathe. This is all perfectly normal. It's okay to enjoy this. I know I am." Russell ran his hand through my hair and gave a slight tug so I was forced to look at him.

Once I looked into his green eyes and saw the desire in them, I could feel myself melting. Russell was the only one I wanted in that moment. Nothing else mattered. I didn't care that we could risk being seen. I didn't care about the repercussions. All I wanted was him, and it was apparent he felt the same. I had become so hypnotized by his gaze that I didn't see his face moving closer. It was when he placed a gentle kiss on my lips that I snapped back to reality. My face heated up more and returned the kiss with a hungry fervor.

"Didn't expect this from you, Sophie. But I hope you keep it up," Russell said against my lips as he started to pulled back. "By the way, red's a good color on you. Hope to see that more often".

Maybe it was the desire clouding my usually rational thinking, but before I could stop myself, I popped two of the buttons on my shirt to reveal a lacy red bra. "What do you think of this, Russell?" I could see his eyes widen and his cheeks blushing a little more. In one motion, his hands went to my waist and I was hoisted in the air. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as he tore open the rest of my shirt, leaving me in my red bra and skirt. I felt so vulnerable, which I never allowed. I prided myself on being a strong, independent woman who didn't need a man's help. But something about this situation left me wanting to succumb and bend to Russell's will. I hadn't felt this way in some time, and I was not about to stop it.

"Well," Russell's voice snapped me from my daze. "That was pretty bold of you, and I like it. A lot. You continue to surprise me, Sophie. Would like to see if you have any other surprises for me."

He started to nip at the soft skin behind my ear before moving to my earlobe. I could feel myself arch involuntarily into him, my body begging for more. To my dismay, he stopped nibbling and a soft chuckle escaped his lips. His breath sent shivers of pleasure through me. "Looks like I found a sweet spot," he whispered before returning his attention back to it. A small moan escaped from my lips as I was unable to respond. His mouth began to trail down my neck, nipping at various points. My breathing started to pick up and I was losing myself in his touch, his scent...everything was making my head fuzzy.

"Are you sure you want to do this here, Sophie? We can go somewhere more secluded," he asked me as he walked us over to a window ledge where he set me down, but didn't let go. "I personally could fuck you anywhere with no shame, but I don't want you to be uncomfortable".

"Wait...you've wanted to do that with me?" I softly asked. I couldn't help but feel flattered. I could usually pick up on those cues, but apparently, I was oblivious to my friend's feelings.

"No, not until recently. Might have had something to do with that night we went for drinks and decided it would be a good idea to walk around town until 4 in the morning. We were talking about everything and anything. The passion and intensity you had about certain topics really intrigued me and...I guess it kind of made me feel something more than friendship," Russell replied. His hands then cupped my firm breasts and started to squeeze them lightly. "Is this okay with you", he asked.

All I could do was nod as he continued to massage my breasts, causing my nipples to harden at his touch. Russell took this as an opportunity to run his thumb against them, causing another moan from the back of my throat. He gently pulled the bra cups down and took a moment to stare before lowering his mouth onto one my hard peaks. My eyes rolled back as Russell started off gently, but slowly started to get aggressive, causing her already soaked pussy to get wetter. I felt his hand go into my hair again and gave a quick, but firm tug. It caused my head to go back and push my chest out further, granting him easier access to my tits. His other hand went to the small of my back, pressing me even closer to him and his erection. Another moan, much louder this time, escaped from my throat, and I could almost feel Russell smirk at this. He switched to the other nipple and decided he needed to get rougher. He started lightly biting on my peak, causing me to spasm at the effect it was having on me. The hand that was on my back moved to my bare breast and he started to pinch the nipple.

"Yes!" I heard my raspy voice call out. I think Russell took that as a sign to be more assertive. He stopped torturing my nipples and slowly moved his way down my skirt. He got down onto his knees in front of me and placed his hands on the inside of my thighs, slowly making his way to my hot, wet center. I could see his facial expression twitch in surprise a little when he realized I wasn't wearing anything underneath said skirt. "Do you like what you discovered? Hmm?" I purred in his ear and gave it a little nip of my own.

He looked up at me, those green eyes burning with such intensity, I thought I was going to melt into a puddle. Without breaking eye contact, he made his way closer to my dripping pussy, going so slowly to my center that it was starting to drive me crazy. "Please just touch me already," I whimpered. "I don't know how much more I can take".

"And what would you do if I decided to not give you what you wanted?" Russell teased.

I looked at him, shock and clear irritation portrayed on my face. "You wouldn't! You can't build me up like this only to -" He cut me off with a kiss. A kiss so intense...I forgot why I was angry in the first place. He started nibbling on my bottom lip, causing me to sigh in pleasure. His tongue made its way inside and started to tangle with my own. I had no idea how much of a great kisser he was, but this exceeded all expectations. As their kiss deepened, I felt the hand that was still on my thigh make its way to my hot, wet opening.

"You're so wet, Sophie...wonder what could have caused that," Russell said against my lips. Before I could make another smart response, I felt an intense, but gentle pressure being applied to my clit. He started making circles, which caused my hips to buck involuntarily against his throbbing cock. He slowly made his way down to my opening all while still making those circling motions that was driving me wild. He slipped in one finger and started to push in and out. It was like I was seeing stars from the pleasure. I didn't even notice that he added a second finger and started to pump them in and out at a faster rate. My breathing rapidly picked up and could hear my moans getting louder from this sensation. He brought a hand up to my mouth to silence me.

"We don't want to risk being caught...or do we Sophie?" He winked at me as he continued to thrust his fingers in and out of me. I was on the verge of exploding when he suddenly stopped. "I think you've had just enough of that". His voice was husky and filled with desire. In one quick motion, he picked me up and flipped me over so I was leaning against the window railing, overlooking downtown Seattle. It was quite the beautiful sight; all the lights and sounds of the city. But nothing was as thrilling that what I imagined was about to happen. I felt him tug at my hair sharply, pulling me back into his chest, his other hand roaming my body and his lips pressed against my ear.

"Tell me what you'd like, Sophie. I want to make this about you and your pleasure." His breath tickled my ear and caused my nipples to get even harder. He ran his fingers over them, driving me insane. I managed to turn my head so I could look at him.

"I would like to feel you inside me. I've heard the rumors of how 'big' you are. Show me what you got," I teased. I heard him exhale slowly. He released me and pressed me roughly against the railing. I heard him unzip his pants and swiftly remove them. He lifted up my skirt and could feel the tip of his hard cock at my opening.

"Do I need to get a condom out?" he asked as he ran his hands up and down my bare back. Without turning around, I shook my head. "That won't be necessary," I replied.

"Good." In one motion, he thrusted into my tight pussy. I nearly blacked out at the feeling of how thick he was inside me. He didn't even hold back; he was pounding into me over and over again. One arm wrapped around the front of my chest, holding me firmly in place while the other rested against my hip. I was practically immobilized and at Russell's mercy.

"Oh my God, Sophie. You're so tight. You're so wet. You've wanted me to fuck you for some time, haven't you? You've wanted me to fuck your tight little cunt, haven't you?" His thrusts were so rough and intense. I swore he was hitting my womb with every single motion. I could feel him pulling my hair back again, this time with fervor and a gruffness that was strictly for this situation. The hand that had been resting against my hip had traveled to my chest where he started assaulting my breasts; massaging them, but with such force, I almost enjoyed the slight pain it brought. I wanted more. I needed more.

The erotic sound of slapping skin and moans from both of us filled the empty hallway space. I could feel his rhythm pick up faster. I had never been with someone as big as Russell, but I could tell I had been missing out. My core was getting tighter and tighter with each thrust. I was being fucked with no mercy. My moans of pleasure got louder. "Russell...oh god. You're just so big. It feels so amazing. Please don't stop".

"No worries there. I won't stop until you've came all over my cock." He continued to pick up speed, sending me over the edge with gratification. My moans had turned to screams of ecstasy as his relentlessly continued his assault on my throbbing pussy. I started to feel the familiar wave of pleasure hit me, and I said I was about to cum. With one last powerful thrust and a guttural grunt, I could feel him coming inside me. I could feel our combined juices mix and gush between our still connected bodies as we came together. I felt him shudder and continue to pump himself inside while he was coming down from his orgasm.

"That was amazing." He whispered to me as he gently pulled out of me and grabbed me by the arms to turn me around to face him. He had a glow to him that I had never seen and he was drenched in sweat. He tenderly pulled me into his arms and we just stood there for a few moments, taking in each other's presence and remembering how to breathe again. "I never pegged you to be an exhibitionist. I assumed you'd be one of those girls who would want it in the privacy of her home, and in her bed", he teased.

I winked at him. "Guess I'm just full of surprises. Want to come over in an hour for round 2?" The look on his face was priceless as I dressed myself and strolled out of the hallway and out to the parking garage. Oh, the things Russell would see once he got there...he'd be in for a real treat.

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