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Just what it says. It's a newsletter for the Space Blog Group.
Review Offer

I know your captain has gone insane now. He has decided to try to publish a newsletter at least quarterly if not once per month. We'll see how this works out. First of all your captain would like to report that the maiden voyage of the WDC Constitution has been arousing attention in WDC's corner of cyberspace. Did you know that Space Blog is listed 9th on the Public Reviewer's Group Page? Good job everybody. Of course, I make every attempt to credit reviews once per week and I'm very generous with gift points. A 300 character review could get you as much as 500GPS. In fact, for those who read this and do reviews between now and the end of October, I will pretend it already Halloween and put a treat in your reviewing bag: I will award double points! So if you do a 1,000character review, I'll give you 2K gift points. Let's go for the number one public reviewer's spot. Reviews have to be of an item featured on
Space Blog  (ASR)
Cruising WDC cyberspace and raiding ports for blog prompts!
#2223838 by Chris Breva - Graduate Student
and must be affiliated to Space Blog so I can find them.

Call for Items

Let me know if you have any ideas for a feature in our newsletter. In fact, I am looking to promote some new officers to command positions if anybody is interested. I need a newsletter editor to take over the newsletter as my schedule with graduate school is so hectic I never know from day to day what I will be doing. I also need an officer to credit reviews with me. Then reviewers will not only get double credit through October, but they will get it from two or more officers!

My excellent personal news.

As you know I am a graduate student. I am a Master of Divinity student at RFegent University in Virginia Beach VA. I go to class online from my home in WV. As a chaplaincy student I am required to have 4 credits earned while doing an internship at a Clinical Pastoral Education approved training site. There are less then thirty cities in the USA that have such sites. I was beginning to worry about where I would do my own CPE training. Then I discovered last night that there is a CPE approved site in the town next to me! The local bus stops there every hour so I could take the bus to work! I am very excited about that. You can call it coincidence but I call it Providence!

Merit Badge

Space Blog will soon have its first merit badge. I donated the 500K that it costs to commission a merit badge, and sent it to The StoryMistress last night, who designs them. I believe I will ask her to make this badge an exclusive badge so I can give one badge a month to somebody who has faithfully blogged and reviewed for our crew. I look forward to issuing them.
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