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Man describe his ability to have anything he needs or wants.

I have the ability, an unusual ability, to obtain any resource I need - instantaneously. It's really quite remarkable. Let me give you an example. Let's say that I was in the middle of a rousing game of pool, enjoying myself immensely, when a massive, terribly pounding headache suddenly overtakes me, and I've no medication to take for it. Well, in the same amount of time as it takes to snap your finger, I can instantly have, in my hand, a bottle of aspirin.

Another example. Let's say that I was driving down the freeway, when all of a sudden, an abnormally large insect splatters its innards all over my windshield, directly in my line of sight, effectively blocking my view of the road ahead of me. In the snap of a finger, I can flip the handle of my windshield wiper, and not only does it remove the little beast's rapidly decaying corpse, guts and all, from my windshield, but it also sprays a powerful solution that not only leaves no trace of the arthropod's remains, but also leaves the glass squeaky-clean, as if the glass had never seen a speck of dirt in its life.

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