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The darker aspect of lust.
The Shade

For some of us Lust is a Shade.

Not the glorious shade of an elder elm

that grants solace from the heat in midsummer.

It is the Shade of pneuma,

that which others consider evil

but we who see believe otherwise.

For we do see that Shade.

It is fingers, dark and ghastly,

reaching from our unconscious,

spreading like the ink blot of those who analyze.

It's a three-dimensional consciousness behind us,

from our concupiscence

spreading like the legs we seek in fantasy

so we can taste.

We both hate and love this Shade.

To us normal/abnormal,

uncaring, yet still wish repent.

Guilt as dark as the Shade itself.

So we must love the guilt as the Shade.

Enormous beyond our souls,

large and hollow like the lust it never fills.

Because it is Shade

and ne'er has any shade filled a need.

Not even on the hot summer day

when we try to stay cool

but are still so fucking hot!

Because it is naught but shade and heat penetrates it

like we wish to

because that is what our Shade wants us to do.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2233241-The-Shade