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Day dreaming I like the stories about the secret garden most every version.
If I had a secret garden what would it look like I wonder?
I went for a walk one day.
During my walk, I happen upon an old house.
It looked to be about 100 years old or more.
It looked like it hadn't been lived in a while.
It was white with pink shutters.
It was about a story tall.
It looked like it had been so beautiful in its time.
The yard had yellow, red, and pink rose bushes.
There were 3 apple trees in a row at the bottom corner of the yard.
The walkway was old and worn but it was laid with red and yellow bricks.
There was a fenced-in yard with a white picket fence.
The patio was also enclosed even though worn out some.
The patio went all around the whole house.
As I drew closer I could see it was indeed lived in an older woman sat on the porch.
She waved as I neared and started talking about how nice the weather was.
One thing lead to another and she invited me to stay for tea.
Now we often share a cup of tea when she sees me out walking.
One day her old cat jumped out of her lap to chase a mouse.
She asked me to be a dear and see if I could bring him back to the house.
I followed him around the back of the house.
Followed him to an old vine-covered path and down it.
Halfway down I happen to turn around to my right.
I saw a wall about my height and start to investigate it.
When I drew near I saw an old door covered partly over by branches.
The cat who seemed to have given up his chase seem to follow.
I pushed open the door and what did I behold?
A place so beautiful and filled with wonder.
A path made of red and yellow brick.
Roses of every color as far as the eye could see along every side of the walls.
In the middle of this place was the biggest apple tree you've ever seen with a swing.
The swing was hanging for one of its branches.
On the far side of this walled yard was a bridge that lead to a huge pond.
When I got to the pond and looked in there were lots and lots of fish.
Fish of every possible color and size.
To the left of the pond was a mechanical man made of tin.
To the right, a small hut that had a woman's den painted on the door.
Oh, how I wanted to explore this den.
Just then I heard the old woman calling my name so I had to retreat.
I went quickly out the door and back down the path.
The cat on my heals and when I reached the old woman she just grinned.
She said to me "you must have found my secret garden."
If you like it, it can be yours to enjoy.
For I have grown far too old to safely go an adore it.
As long as I live you can come to enjoy it.
All I ask is that you tend to it and keep it nice.
I was over-joyed now I have my own secret garden!
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