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by K.HBey
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Albert wants his grandpa to show him how to make a paper ship but.
The paper ship

Albert is a child of twelve. He is a blond dark and lost his parents at the age of two.
Albert has been raised by his grandparents.

"Grandpa, can you show me how to make a paper ship?" Albert asks as if a sudden intuition has dropped a thought in his spirit.
"Let me show you. You should take the paper and orient the page into a portrait first," grandpa says.
"Like this, grandpa?" Albert asks looking with his shining hazel eyes to his grandpa. His childish hands trembling like a leaf with excitement.
"Then you should bend it," grandpa says.

"I need a ruler, grandpa Joseph".
"No need for a ruler dear, just bend it at the middle and the two parts of the page are equal," grandpa replies.
"Can we measure with our eyes, Joseph?" Albert asks.
"Yes, Albert, our eyes have many functions indeed. They can be a balance for assessing approximately the weight and shape. In the same manner, they can assess the credibility of our speech. They are the curtains of our soul," Joseph says.

"So they can assess whether or not we lie, grandpa?"
"Yes, have you learned your algebraic lesson? Tell me the truth?" grandpa asks looking with eyes wide open into his grandson's eyes.
"Yes, Joseph, you know that I never lie," Albert says.
"Yes, dear, I know and your eyes tell the truth indeed. Do you see it?" Joseph says.

"Yes, grandpa. Can I ask you and look at your eyes too?" Albert asks.
"Yes, of course, we are both friends," Joseph says and on his wrinkled face a malicious smile.
"Grandpa, what did happen to my parents exactly?" Albert asks when his eyes are darkening suddenly.
"Look, Albert, it's the past and your parents died because of their chronic illnesses. Let us continue the ship please," Joseph responds exhaling a deep breath.

"You should bend the left and right parts of the upper page so that to shape an equilateral triangle. Then bend the edges towards the upper of the page," Joseph continues and some sweat starts to moisten his face and frail trembling hands.
Albert looks in Joseph's eyes for finding a storm with a grey clouded sky and he understands that adults can lie to children. Albeit, grandpa is honest and loving.

"It's perfect Albert. You get it," Joseph says.
"Grandpa! Can we try it on water, please?" Albert asks pulling the hand of his grandpa smoothly.
"Wow, grandpa! the ship is sailing as if it were a real one. I will take a picture," Albert says and his cheeks are reddish and his face is illuminated with excitement and happiness.

When he returns to take a picture he finds his grandpa squatting at the edge of the water basin.
"Emma, Sum, where are you?" Joseph is screaming and he collapses within his tears.
The paper ship is immersing into the abyss when Albert is flabbergasted. He is completely hypnotized by this image that lets him see lively the drowning of his parents in their boat and understands why grandpa has not agreed to tell him the truth.

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